Blankface – Lost In Your Eyes

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at the second single to the upcoming album “Somewhere I Doubt You’ll Find” from Blankface.

If you’re a follower of the Bandicoot Warrior you would have seen that I did a post not so long ago on Blankface’s first single release for his debut album. [Link]

Anyway that being said once again Lander PR have given me exclusive access to the single before it’s the release date which is 2 days away, so thank you very much for that, but back to my views on the song.

Once again listening to this song you can hear the samples of wind chimes, birds and piano within the song giving it that chill vibe as well as the introductory words spoken at the start of the song.

It has a Romantic feel to the song in my eyes something to sit down and relax with your other half or lover it feels fresh and vibrant.

For me out of the two songs I’ve given my thoughts on this song is the better one for me mainly cause of the samples he’s used within the song, it reminds me of a band that I listen to with their sounds called Incubus well the wind chimes side of it anyway. (Link here)

Once again you can see the influences within these songs which I like that he shows that he is a fan of them and isn’t afraid to show that either like I said in the last post on Bonazi Trees if your a fan of Flying Lotus then give this a go.

 Out of five?

This song to me is great I’m loving the samples used within the song, the beat and flow of the song is relaxing and chilling and Blankface has proven that words are not needed in some of these instrumentals he’s making.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars! Well Done!

Once again thanks to Lander PR for giving me the chance to write about this second single as well as giving me access to listening to the song to give my views on it so big shout to them.

Lost in Your Eyes will be released on 23/08/19 make sure you check it out along with his debut album “Somewhere I Doubt You’ll Find” being released on 13th September.

Thanks for Reading!

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