F1 2019 Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at the game that I’ve been playing since I brought it which is F1 2019.

Brought for – £34 (From Asda)

Platform – Playstation 4

Hours Played – 6 Hours

So being released in June by Codemasters this game is fairly cheap compared to other games that are out on the market at the same release time and recently I’ve been getting back into Formula 1 so I thought I would pick up the game and see what has changed as the last F1 game I played was Formula One 04. (So you could say a lot has changed since then.)

Let’s go through the modes

Career Mode


 This is where all my playing time has gone and I’ve really enjoyed playing this so far the connections it gives you towards the F2 and F1 as well as the licencing it has of the cars, drivers and teams make this game really great, also the story you have with the other drivers gives the game a little edge and rivalry going on. But the thing I love the most is how realistic the game is to the actual sport, you have to pit stop when you need fuel, tire changes, damage to the car.

Also, you have to communicate with your team to find out who’s in front, behind, damage, when to pit or full race update I think this mode is wonderful.

Plus in my first race as an F1 Driver to see Lewis Hamilton crash his car and go out of the race and the yellow flag was brought up made me love this game more. (BTW I am a Hamilton fan I’m not digging him here)

Online Races


Online is very much the same but with actual players and at the moment they are hosting different F1 races for players to complete in and earn points, and XP for clean driving and winning. I didn’t play much of this mode as I’m not a very good driver on this game but I mainly brought this game for the Career mode.

Showroom and Theatre

f1 showroom

With the Showroom and Theatre, you can view your driver as well as others and all the cars that are under licencing of the game. As well as videos of Classic F1 moments and stuff you record within the game. It’s a nice feature but nothing that interests me.


Controls for this game are pretty much straight forward and are customizable as well to your needs which is pretty cool the only flaw I found in this game is the breaking system it seems to be slow or lagging to my response but it could be a bug issue and hopefully patched and updated soon.

Out of Five?

This game is fun, challenging and creative and with not playing F1 games for a long time its nice to have a change from the norm and play something different compared to normal racing games like Need for Speed, Forza and Gran Turismo not saying this game beats or compares with them but I’ve always seemed F1 as a niche market but if your a fan of the games or the sport and you haven’t picked it up yet I would get it while it’s on offer before it goes back up in price.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What do you think of F1 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks For Reading!

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