2 Random Steam Key Games!

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing what I’ve decided to do on my Bank Holiday!

So if you’ve been following the Facebook or Instagram account you would of know that I’ve brought a new laptop which of course is a gaming one!

And as for a little laugh, I thought I would buy two random key codes for games on eBay for Steam for £2!

Now the description of the auction was Gold listed Keys so I assumed they would be indie games which I was right I assume Platinum keys are triple-A titles but nevertheless, let’s show you these games what I got.

Game One – Cockatrice Attacking The City

cockatrice attacking the city

Well, this game costs £10.99 and Believe me it’s not worth it, I think this is going to be the worst game I’ve reviewed on my site and I’m kinda glad that I only paid £1 for this game. Created by Chu Qingfang and released last month this game doesn’t even support English, but basically, it’s a click game where you have to click the on the chickens before they reach the city. That’s it. I played this once and now it’s going to be deleted from my system.

An awful game there’s no point in the game and well it’s basically duck hunt but less fun.

I’m giving this 0/5 Stars! I would have given it a 1/5 if it had English support but come on you can’t release a game for nearly £11 and not have English support or even any support besides the language you designed and build it in, plus I feel bad saying this but it probs only took under a day to make not much in this game at all.

Link Here: It’s Your Funeral

Bandicoot Warrior 0 Star

Game Two – Lonely Shooter 

Lonely Shooter

Okay, so this game isn’t as bad as the first one but isn’t that great either but at least this game has English support but also costs £15.49 ouch crazy price for another point and click game but at least with this one you have limited bullets and different backdrops to shoot at which is a start.

Created by Yang1zhi last year this game and with one review on steam saying “Best Game Ever,” I assume it’s taking the mick out of the game. But this game has more structure than the last one and at least I can start the game up straight away cause I can read the language on this one, looks like the creator is trying to make a quick sale out of something that has been set up quick and easy within a day.

A timewaster for like 10 mins not even that I wouldn’t recommend this game especially for the price and the mere 10 minutes of enjoyment out of it.

1/5 Stars for the creativity of the game is just not enough to do on the game bar point and click another Duck Hunt Sarnario just boring.

Link Here: If You Really Want To Try It

Bandicoot Warrior 1 Star


 Well besides this being a waste of money I’ve actually enjoyed the mere surprise of getting a maybe decent game but what do you think?

Should Bandicoot Warrior do more of these posts and see what ridiculous games we get?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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