Like Lions – An Aging Millennial Review!

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing another new artist that has come to my attention which is Like Lions.

Like Lions, also known as Patrick O’Neill, kick-started his music career back in 2012 but decided to take a break in 2015 to focus on going back to College to learn what his passion is which is music.


Returning in 2019 releasing his second album “An Aging Millennial” I’m going to take a look at the album song by song and let you know what I think.

So we have Eleven tracks to go through so let’s begin!

  1. Older – So with this song, the Synth and Vocals jump straight in and from what I’ve heard the song is quite chilled and relaxed and feels like it’s from the ’80s but has been brought into the 21st century, nice song and strong vocals that make this song stand out.
  2. I Remember – A more upbeat song to go into from “Older” with a catchy chorus to sing along too and features some nice strong vocals from PSA which makes the song stand out but them singing together gives this song an edge but also feel like they are trying to outdo each other with their vocal ranges.
  3. U Got Me – A nice piano intro to begin this song as well as synth’d vocals in the background of the song a nice all-rounder and chilled out song.
  4. Ravoli – A Catchy beat to this song with some nice vocals on the track making this a track to give a listen with it being another chillout song.
  5. Stay – The electronica beat on this song is pretty good along with the vocals gives it a creative edge to the other songs and so far is my favourite track on the album and deserves some radio play on this one.
  6. iPhone & Me – A little beat and low strong vocals on this song until the chorus hits and the beat and harmonies come in the song making this a great song and definitely has a Frank Ocean vibe from this.
  7. Anybody Out There? – With the synth intro, it feels like we’ve gone back to 1980s which isn’t a bad thing kind of brings a nostalgic feeling to the song but the beat is nice and chilled along with the vocals to go along with it and he definitely doesn’t want to be alone on this song.
  8. Snow Day – A great song to start with just Vocals before the Piano kicks in then the piano takes the song to the chorus before the electronica beat comes in and brings the whole song into focus. The vibe on this song makes it feel like it is actually snowing it’s like the beat would be something to listen to on a snow day.
  9. Sink –  From the intro to the song I feel a Radiohead vibe before hitting us with those clean vocals and pounding drumbeat behind them making this a song to check out on the album.
  10. America – America a song that will bring you back down off that high you got on “Sink” until the chorus comes in and puts you right back on the top catchy beat to the song.
  11. Questions – Last song on the album to bring it to the end gives you the same vibe and beat as “I Remember” along with some Echo on the Vocals to give it a different creative edge from the other songs.

Out of Five?

So this album is pretty good and is bringing Electronica and Indie together in Eleven songs something different and creative at the same time and there are some noteworthy songs on this album I would recommend.

I Remember, iPhone & Me, Snow Day and Sink are the songs I would recommend for people to check out Like Lions, out of five I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars! A strong album with some good songs on here that definitely need some radio play to give the artist and album the credit it needs.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Have you listened to Like Lions yet? Let me know in the comments below! Also, the links to the album to listen to are below as well!

Spotify – Click Here!

Amazon Music – Click Here!

Thanks for Reading!

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