3 Random Steam Codes!

Once again it’s that time Warriors for Random Steam Codes!

So a lot of you and I mean a lot of you have viewed my 2 Random Steam Code post (Link Here) and I’m really chuffed it went down well so I think I shall keep doing these and see what awful games we get!


Don’t worry they could be like the ones from the original post!

So from Yesterday’s post we saw I got Age of Wonders 3 I will do a post on that one very soon as I’m still getting my head round how to play it but these are the codes I received today for a mere £2.50 that’s right under £3 for 3 games but lets move onto what they really are.

Game One – iBomber Defence – £2.99 – Developed by Cobra Mobile – 2011


So I’ve already made my money back on the £3 game! Yes! but is it worth it? Well developed by Cobra Mobile back in 2011 this game combines classic tower defence game play with intense action and strategy.

I’ve played this game for 30 minutes and in fairness it’s not bad you buy guns place them down where you want and stop the enemy getting to your base and after every round you can upgrade your weapons as well.

assign points
Assign Points to Upgrading your Weapons.

Out of Five?

This game is not that bad compared to other games on the market and it kept me playing to campaign number 4 until I kept losing but it’s a nice game and runs and flows quite well my only setback is that it could be just a mobile game.

3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Game Two – Hot Dish – £5.99 – Developed by Zemnott – 2008


Second game is a game called Hot Dish which is selling for £5.99 so I’ve defiantly made my money back on these games. Where you build your career one dish at a time as you start at the bottom of the culinary ladder.

Well I played this game for 5 minutes I tried but it was no good it’s basically a point and click game where you make the items they want but it’s so easy plus this game crashed on me twice when wanting to do the same recipe so that’s not a good sign.

Out of Five?

If you want a cooking game play Overcooked or Cooking Mama it’s just terrible.


1 Star for this one.

Bandicoot Warrior 1 Star

Game Three – Soul Gambler – £1.99 – Developed by IIex Games – 2013


So the last game in this bundle is Soul Gambler released in 2013 and developed by IIex Games this game is basically puts you in the role of Faust, an ordinary young man living in the present day whose destiny is about to be change forever. Well let’s find out if this game is worth it.

Well playing for 20 minutes it’s not a bad game you basically choose what happens to your character by selling your soul it’s a odd game but its kind of enjoyable making choices for someone, like The Sims but no movement control just cartoon picture stills like a story book.


Out of Five?

This game is something different from the usual shooters and RPG’s but it’s not a bad game I don’t think I would play it again but if your into these choice games and storybooks and have a spare couple of quid then I would recommend it.

3/5 Stars for this one.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well that’s it for this post on these games. Have you played any of these games before? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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