Age of Wonders 3 Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be reviewing Age of Wonders 3.

So from my “Random Platinum” Steam Key post that I bought off of eBay for £2.50 I got this 2014 turn based game called Age of Wonders.

Now I’ve never heard of it surprisingly and I do like turn based games as if you’ve seen my Instagram recently you would of seen that I’ve brought Mutant Year Zero, so hopefully a review will be coming on that soon.

But back to this game it was developed by Triumph Games but released by Paradox Interactive in 2014 and was received quite well and even dazzled us with DLC and online gaming and is also known as one of the popular 4X strategy games around.

So I may be 5 years late to the party but lets begin this review!


There are two Campigns in this game The Commonwealth Empire and The Elven Court.

The Commonwealth Empire means to sweep aside the old ways and assimilate the world. The Elven Court takes exception to this, and wants to rally the ancient races to stand in defense against imperial ambitions, hence the central conflict of Age of Wonders III

The Elven Court Campaign follows the Rogue Elven Princess Sundren of House Inioch. During a meeting at the Council of Origins, Thannis is killed and Gamblag blames both Sundren and Thannis of treachery, declaring war on Sundren and joining the Commonwealth.


From what I’ve played the Plot and Stoyline for this game is not bad I like that there is a story to follow with all the battles you progress with.


The gameplay to this game is quite good from what I’ve played it can be a little difficult to get your head round first but once you’ve got the controls and interface understood your good to go on this game. It’s not a bad game from the gameplay as it turn based game gives you an other site of all your movable players before you do something as well as the area around you and from what I’ve played it’s pretty good.



Combat in this game is quite complex shall we say even though its a turn base game you have alot of choices and options to choose from, Units are allocated “action points” used for attacking, defending/retaliating and using special abilities.

When two rival players forces engage, either in open battle or during a siege of a city, combat takes place in a separate phase of gameplay within a hexagon grid-based 3D battlefield.


For me the Combat is great but less is more I felt it was quite difficult to get my head round to begin with but the combat is great maybe make it slightly easier.


The detail on this game is not bad either and you don’t need a fancy gaming rig to play this game,  2 GB Ram and 512mb graphics is the recommend requirements of the game which in this day of age most computers come with now anyway but I ran this game on Max settings with no problem at all no lag, no latency and looks pretty slick too.


Out of Five?

Well I’m shocked that I’ve never heard of this game specially being a Fan of other Strategy games like Command and Conquer and Risk but I’m kind of glad I’ve played it now even if I was 5 years too late to the party as it’s a well build game and a game that’s here to stay with a community still playing it online and offline and with the company releasing a new one just a few months ago I think there here to stay for a while.

The Combat is a little difficult at times and the interface was a struggle to begin with but besides that this game has been fun to play.

Would I recommend this game?

Yeah I would recommend this game to any fan of turn based games or strategy games.

3/5 Stars! for this one!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Have you played Age of Wonders 3? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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