Another 3 Steam Codes!

What’s up warriors and yes I have another 3 Steam codes for me to enter and check out!

Why you may ask?

So you can save your precious money and let me waste mine on these games!

My Preciousss

Okay so let’s begin!

So I search high and wide for these codes on eBay and try and find either the worst-rated ones or the ones with most sales and we’ve come across a binder here. Below is a picture of the feedback given to him off the last three sales on this Buy it Now I brought for £1.99.

Wow DLC and a Soundtrack! I can’t wait!!

Okay so 2/3 isn’t so bad, is it? well let’s find out!?

Game One – Run Naked Woman Run! – £0.79 – Developed By Tero Lunkka


Wow, just wow.

I actually can’t believe this has been published and developed and Steam have released it on their platform, it’s 79p and a 2D platform where you run and avoid objects with near enough Naked Women.

Enough Said I played this for 5 minutes, not even that. The only thing I will give this game is that the moving mechanics aren’t too bad but still an awful pitch for a game. I think the person who made this either needs his head looking at or he has some serious problems.

Do I have to give it a rating? 0/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 0 Star


Game Two – ZAMBI 2 KIL – No Information On This Game


Okay so surprisingly this game isn’t that bad and the reason behind that is….

FF Rip off.pngIt’s only a Final Fantasy rip off!

And you know what I actually enjoyed playing this made me think back to the old days of PS1 and Final Fantasy 7 but this problery explains why there is no information on this game as Steam have taken it down for Copyright reasons but who knows the only think on Steam now is the discussion page for it. (Link Here)

I can appraraite this game definitely compared to the first one even if it’s a copy and paste job.

2/5 Stars

Bandicoot Warrior 2 Stars


Game Three – Riaaf The Spider – £0.39 – Developed by .ez Games

header (1)

Okay so not a bad game to end on this is another cut and paste job but it’s not too bad basically your a spider collecting coins in different scenarios using your web to catch you on these poles. Sound Familiar? It will cause it’s basically a Mobile game called Cut The Rope.

But not a bad game the only flaw on this game is stupid achievements!!

2/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 2 Stars

So yeah out of these 3 games the best one is the Final Fantasy rip off in my eyes but did I get my money worth? I did not! I wasted £2 on these ones unfortunately but that’s the joy of it being random!

What do you think of these games? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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