Vix 20 – Digital Age Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new band that I’ve come across these past days called Vix 20 and one of their new songs “Digital Age”

So who are Vix20?

Well there a band from Norfolk and have been recently come back on the scene making music and call the genre they play “Power Pop” and have released Digital Age as a single before releasing their EP “Hashtag Change”.

So from listening to the song you can feel the kick in the music with the guitars and drums and shouty vocals giving the song the poppiness as well as the crunch it needs.

Vocals are distorted a little and are an on lower volume compared to the music, in general, giving it a rawness feel to the song.

And from watching the music video the nostalgia feeling you get from all the video clips and references to stuff, not from the “Digital Age” not only makes me feel old but makes me think back to before everything went Digital and makes me start looking at my dad’s “Queen” Vinyl collection. Plus the use of a Dean Guitar in the music video makes me like the video more due to being a big fan of Pantera and the Dean Guitars due to Dimebag Darrell.

Dean Guitar.png
Digital Age Music Video

Out of Five?

The song itself is fun to listen to and is something different to the usual mix of pop music and hard rock music (I would say Punk Pop but I’ve heard they don’t like calling it that so we will go with Power Pop) but the song is a good start from Vix 20 and looks like they’re just doing it for the fun of it and you can see that from the music video (Link Below)

I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars! and I will be definitely checking out their new EP that’s just been released last month too.

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Also, I’ve noticed that they have done a song that is coming out on a Minecraft Map that’s made by Nethr Pixel Studios and that’s pretty cool! I will leave a link below for the preview of the song.

So what do you think of Vix 20? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks For Reading!

Twitter – Vix 20

Digital Age – Music Video

Minecraft Music – Tron Takes The Train

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