Alessi’s Ark – Sacred

What’s Up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new artist I’ve been shown recently who is Alessi’s Ark and their new single which was released today “Sacred”.

Alessi’s Ark

So a little information on them they have been actively going since 2007 and from London at the age of 29 she has been signed to 2 Major record label companies and made 4 Albums and 3 EP’s which is a lot of music in her musical career and has a lot of recognition from BBC London and BBC 6 as well as appearing on BBC Introducing.

Alessi’s Ark returns with ‘Sacred’, a track that was recorded in a cabin on the South East coast with additional recording at Arch 79 in East London which from listening to the song gives the acoustics a good vibe and listen.

And not only that Alessi’s Ark is currently on tour through October and November.

(Tour Details at the bottom)

The Song Itself

So after listening to the song a few times I can tell you that the song is great and has a soft mellow acoustic vibe to the song with some soft drumming to go along with it.

It’s a Folk/Pop song that echoes within your brain and instantly gives you that mellow chilled out vibe and it actually relaxed me listening to this.

Good, Strong Vocals on this song and the balance on the song is just right they vocals don’t overpower the music and vice versa.

From listening to this song with the Vocals I feel like her influences are Lana Del Ray and Dolores O’Riordan the way she sings I feel a vibe of their style mixed with her own.

Out of Five?

This song is great and creative and mellow to listen to which is really nice and I like the idea of recording in different places rather than a studio which I think gave this song the great acoustic sounding on this track, not only that the BBC really favour Alessi’s Ark and I hope that they get some radio play with this new release and it will be interesting to see live on there upcoming tour.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Well, I would like to say a thank you to Lander PR for letting me listen to this song before it’s the release date and able to write this little review on the song.

Have you listened to this new release yet? Let me know in the comments below!

(Tour Dates and Social Media will be below!)

Tour Dates


3rd – Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

4th – The Cuban Embassy, Birmingham

12th – AATMA, Manchester

14th – Hug & Pint, Glasgow


6th – Babywoman Records show at the Comfy Bookshop, Coventry

30th – The Harrison, London

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