Fifa 20 – Volta Football

What’s up Warriors and today I’m looking at EA’s new mode including within this year FIFA which is called Volta Football. (Basically Fifa Street)

So when I heard that EA is including a Fifa Street styled game mode included in the new FIFA it was sold to me at that point and I had to have it.

Every Year Guaranteed.

Every Year myself and the boys buy the new Fifa without fail for Pro Clubs and we play this every year and always get put against the worst players possible which is people trying to use the glitches to their advantages or just know every move possible in the game. (Sounds Sore Loser-ish I know)

But this year maybe after a few months of playing the game and getting bored of the same old same old for once this year it could be all different and that’s the cause of Volta Football.

EA decided to stop doing the Journey as a game mode which in my eyes was the best decision mainly because it got boring not being able to make your own character and having to follow someone else’s journey for the second year running.

The Journey Comes to an End?

But with Volta you make your own character and style him however you want and you can play the Story mode of Volta that EA have made which from the few hours I’ve played of it is pretty good so far, play other people’s teams online which is an amazing game mode (More on that Later) 


And there are also tournaments for you and your team to join. This game mode that EA has done is amazing and for one reason only.

“Fifa Street was completely forgotten about until now!” 

That’s right I said it the last Fifa Street was back in 2012 and it wasn’t very popular and I think it was mainly because Fifa Street 3 back in 2008 ruined the franchise making future releases lost in the pile of games available in the world.

Fifa Street 3
Fifa Street 3 was just awful.

But now Fifa has rebranded the game mode that many loved and have included a little snippet of what EA can do with the lost franchise.

I believe in the upcoming future EA will release a full game like Volta for us football hooligans to buy and play and conquer I think this was a test to see if people were interested this gaming again and for me it definitely is a must!

The Story mode is challenging and gets harder the more you progress which is something that I’ve enjoyed playing this and I will try and finish the Story mode on my days off this week or next week just to see if I can unlock anything different.

The Online Volta League is basically like FUT game mode where you play in different divisions and try and progress to Div 1, at the moment I’m loving this game more as well I’m winning on it and it feels great! But on a serious note, it’s actually pretty good playing other people’s teams and seeing who they have recruited from the story mode as well as what they have dressed them in.

Volta League
Don’t think I’ll ever get to Divison One.

And what makes this game mode more appealing as well:

 No Micro-Transactions!

I was like “Wow EA you could have made money on this game mode making people pay for customizing their characters” 

But no you earn Volta coins playing games in any game mode on this game and spend them how you want which is great that EA has decided to put the customers and players first before money for a change.

For me, this game mode is great and is definitely worth playing if you have FIFA

I would give this 4/5 Stars for this game mode alone!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

I can’t wait to see what EA do with this game mode next I have a feeling we could see Pro Events coming soon and Tournaments where gamers can win money but we will see.

Let me know what you think of Volta Football?

Thanks for Reading!

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