Idle Eleven App Review

Build your own Football Team by swiping and earning money? That easy?

Well, Warriors join me in this post where we will be looking at Idle Eleven a game where you build your own team and improve the players you have or swap them for better ones.

Made by two brothers under the business name of “Gaminho” this game takes you at the beginning of making your own football team with low ranked players and you must work your way up.

Sounds easy but believe me It can be a pain when you need the money to upgrade your players or swap them. So to make money on the game all depends on the player the better the player the more their agent makes them the more money you earn for having them in your team.

So to start off it is a little slow but after an hour you’ll be raking the money in and then make even more money after spending it on the players you have.

Screen Captured from iPhone

as you can see I’ve been working on my team a little from the screenshot and the ratings of the players go up to 28 and it’s a lot of money and time to get they, believe me, I’m on 23 rated players being my highest and it took most of my cash.

This game can take away your boredom time very easy and give you something to do as well as give you the challenge to make your team better and better.

It would be an even better game If you could go against other people’s teams and see what they have as their starting 11 but also to earn more money by winning matches, hopefully, this will come in on the game soon.

The downfall to this game Is that a Microtransaction Is lurking at the bottom of the screen waiting for your trigger finger to press It which Is called the VIP Club, and it’s not a one-off thing it’s a weekly purchase of £4! I think I’ll be sticking to the free version of the game.

£4 a week!? Ouch

Out of Five?

This game Is quite fun you want to make the best team and earn money from the players you have it can be challenging as well but the main goal is to keep you occupied and well It does I’ve played the game for at most 2 hours and It’s entertaining enough to keep me playing I think the VIP Club is a kick in the teeth a little to remove the ads and earn a little more cash in the game but everyone to their own.

I’m giving this a steady 3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well that’s it for this app review you can download Idle Eleven on Google Play as well as the App Store and if you do let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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