My Top 5 N64 Games

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going through my top 5 N64 Games.

So for this list, these are my top 5 games that I played on the Nintendo 64, there will probs be games I miss off this list but let me know in the comments below what your 5 games are.

Anyway, let’s get straight into it with number five.

Number Five – Pokemon Snap – (Nintendo 1999)


So this game back when I was nine was awesome and I played it almost every day coming home from school and I tried to snap every pokemon I could I even had to buy this game twice due to the first cartridge not working anymore if that’s not commitment to a game then I don’t know what is.

This game took a lot of my time as well as Pokemon Stadium I had to choose from these two games for the top 5 I only chose the pokemon snap cause of having to buy it twice back in the day.

But Pokemon Stadium definitely is a notable mention.

Number Four – Diddy Kong Racing – (Rare 1997)

Diddy Kong

Now Rare knew what they were doing with this game and any game they made this game was at the time a really good friendly fun racing game that introduces Diddy Kong in his own game along with his friends taking on Wizpig.

This game was fun and a time killer for when I was nine trying to be the best and trying to get the best race times and this was before any achievements or trophies came into this world.

It’s a shame that Microsoft brought Rare back in 2002 as it would be ace seeing another Diddy Kong Racing surface on the Switch be something different than the usual Mario Kart.

Number Three – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 1998)


A lot of people will argue with me saying that this should be number one on the list but for me, there are two games that need to be above this but this game was amazing and still to this day this is the best Zelda game I never got my head around it when I was young but now looking back at the game I see why I played it a lot.

Plus it was nice seeing this remastered on the Nintendo 3DS and I still have my 2DS so I might even give it a purchase and reminisce on this game.

Number Two – Banjo Kazooie (Rare 1998)


Wow, I loved this game so so much this game took my nine-year-old self and locked him in a room until all the Gold Jigsaws, Feathers, Eggs and Puzzles were done and I took on Gruntilda in the ultimate face-off.

This game was weird and random to have a bear and a bird joins a team together but the bond between the characters was a connecting feel between the player and the game, and this is before big cutscenes came into games properly but you could feel the connection of Banjo and Kazooie.

10 Years later they released Nuts and Bots on Xbox 360 but nothing can compare to the original one in my eyes.

Notable Mentions

Now there are many and I mean many games for the N64 and I could have done a top 10 but it would have been mainly Pokemon and Mario games so let’s go through these Notable mentions in the Nintendo’s catalogue.

Super Mario 64 – This game was pretty fun and definitely made me look at Mario games in a different way.

Star Fox 64 – “Do a Barrell Roll” Enough Said.

Mario Kart 64 – This game was fun but being honest I played Diddy Kong Racing A lot more than this but Rainbow Road annoyed me quite a bit.

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko – This game was fun and don’t know why they stopped making them.

Harvest Moon 64 – Was hard not putting this on the list but I did play the Gamecube version more than this one.

Road Rash 64 – Nothing wrong with a little bike on bike bashing to win the race.

Super Smash Bros – Once again another game that should be on the list but another game I played on the Gamecube more than this one.

Number One – Goldeneye 007 (Rare 1997)


Well if you didn’t guess this was going to be my number one after listing all those games and the notable mentions and this wasn’t there then shame on you.

This game was amazing and the amount of fun you could have on it as well, the levels, the local co-op with might I add Golden Gun mode, the guns, gadgets, the music, the cheat codes! oh this game was good.

This game still to this day has people talking about it and with selling over eight million copies and being the 3rd most selling game on the N64 making $250 Million worldwide it would be rude not to include this game in my list.

But not only that I’m a big James Bond fan and always have been and Goldeneye is my Favourite film as well in the franchise cause it has the best enemy within the franchise and that’s Sean Bean!

This game took hours of my life and was the first FPS shooter or one of the first ones I played and it’s definitely a keeper.

Well, that’s it for my list is there any games I left off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

More posts coming soon!

Thanks for Reading!

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