Frank Ocean – DHL

Frank Ocean has been a little quiet over the years and only doing his Blonded Radio Station on Apple Music but three days ago he premiered a new song at the end of the show titled “DHL”


Now not sure why It’s called DHL but from doing some reading I can see what Ocean is a little obsessed with the German Shipping Company having posted a DHL plane on his Instagram and talking about them in interviews.

But after listening to this song it got me a little excited to see what his new album is going to be like as we haven’t had any new music since 2018 with his rendition of “Moon River” which I must say was a nice chilled out song and worth a listen.

I’ve been a big fan of Frank Ocean ever since I heard Nostalgia Ultra and I’ve even done a TBT on that album as well (Post Here)

So this track is 4 Minutes and 28 Seconds and from listening to this track I can say that it’s not like his other music it is a totally different vibe I’m getting from it may be a new direction he’s heading towards in music or just something he’s wanted to do for a while but definalty no Channel Orange or Blonded here.

But that’s a good thing as you wouldn’t want one of your favourite artists doing the same songs over and over right?

It’s different as I’ve said it feels like a mellow Hip-Hop song and not a Ballard and has that psychedelic feel to it talking about drugs or pills.

This song has a lot of Vocal effects and a slow beat to it giving you that sad feeling in the song and that Drug vibe within the song and it actually made me think and compare it to ASAP Rocky’s Purple Swag as it has the kind of the same feel but just on the vocals than ASAP does.

The production of the song is great just like any Frank Ocean song he’s released that’s one thing I can applaud Ocean for his production side of making music is pretty good and is in the top tier of making music in this generation. I believe this song has been around for a while but Frank has been going back and forth to it, to get it right in his head and on the canvas he’s writing on.

Also, I think the artwork is giving us a clue to how many tracks he’s got for his new album which is 13 as you can see from the DHL artwork there are 13 shadows figures at the bottom of the artwork and I believe this is track 4 within his new project.

I Like this song but I want to hear more from Ocean before I can give an ultimate review on this but so far so good I’m enjoying hearing new music from him.

Frank Ocean – DHL (Available on all Streaming Services)

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