Fallout 1st Yay or Nay?

What’s up Warriors and today I’ll be discussing Fallout’s new Subscription Service.

So as you may or not may know I’m a massive Fallout fan like this is my Franchise of games and these games could not get any better for me. Even though Fallout 76 get a lot and I mean A Lot of hate I still played it and still do with Emily today.

So when I read that the biggest DLC Wastelanders was going to be pushed back till next year I was a little annoyed, to be honest as this game has quite a lot of knockbacks with bugs, glitches and people basically giving it hate. But I looked past that and realised they need more time to make the DLC better which fair enough as I don’t want another half-arsed game being released like Fallout 76 was.

Then a couple of days after we were told Wastelanders was delayed we get this from Bethesda a Fallout Subscription Service called Fallout 1st for £99 a year or £11.99 a month.

Now at first, I was like “Looks like we have another EA on our hands” but then I kept thinking about it and in my eyes, at the moment I don’t think it’s worth it. #

Let’s see what’s on the Table


Private worlds, an unlimited scrap box storage, a tent, 1650 Atoms a month, Icon and Emotes pack and A NCR Outfit (Fallout New Vegas)

Private Worlds

Okay so it’s not all bad yeah you get Private servers which they did say would be free to the public at the beginning of the release of this game but I understand servers cost money and they want to make money back on this game, plus I and Emily would love  the private servers as that means we can do Uranium Fever on our own and get a chance to get the Legendary enemies to loot but at the moment people are saying the Private servers “Aren’t so Private” which is putting me off a little and that the servers are old recycled ones which aren’t a great service lets be honest Bethesda.



Scrapbox with unlimited storage is pretty cool but I do have a bone to pick with Bethesda at the beginning we struggled with storage space and they said increasing it will make the servers unstable. Okay, I understand and I would understand even more if the Scrapbox was only available in Private worlds but you can throw it down in Public as well so you have definitely shot yourself in the foot there plus it’s not working correctly as well from what people are saying on Reddit that there scrap box is deleting there scrap.

Survival Tent

Survival tent is an okay Idea not really got anything to say on this one as I do think it’s a good idea just a shame its a pay item. But throwing it down when it’s needed is a great idea and you have all your crafting tables and scrap box ready to place your items in makes it quick and easy.


1650 Atoms a month is not bad as 2000 Atoms is £15.99 and this Subscription is £11.99 so you are saving money there but my only flaw on this is are they going to make things dearer in the Atoms Shop? Most Probably.

Ranger Armour Outfit


So not only are you trying to Milk Fallout New Vegas with the NCR Outfit but is this a little dig at Obsidian and Outer Worlds if so I think you failed with this one. But the outfit is pretty nice and I want it more than the other items in all honestly.

Icons and Emotes Pack


This isn’t a bad idea but things like this I think should be free in the game anyway doesn’t make sense to charge for this as it’s a novelty thing that will be fun for about 5 minutes and then it’s done with. Don’t get me wrong more items will be coming with this but I think this should have been giving free in the next update.

Fallout 1st Yay Or Nay?


Well if you know me then you know it’s probably killed me writing bad about Fallout and I’m still thinking of not publishing this post but it needs to be said at this moment Fallout 1st is “Not Worth It” I wanted to get it and see if it was worth it but every time I went to read about it something bad came up like the private servers or the scrap box or how players are now griefing players who have paid for the service.

I think once again Bethesda have rushed things or not even thought about this service and thought ESO can do it why can’t we. There would have been many more things this could have done a few ideas are great and the Atoms is worth the subscription alone but the other things are not so great.

I would have brought some PVP Event back as people are missing it may be even a tournament style and a reward at the end of the month. But there are so many things they could have done but just seemed lazy about it.

Will, I still be playing Fallout 76?

One answer and that’s absolutely! 


Even though Bethesda have thought with their Pockets and not their heads I still love playing this game even with the bugs, glitches, game crashing all the time to me this game is great I don’t 100% agree with the Service they are providing but here is to them making it better and hopefully start listening to the fan base that still plays this game which is not a lot anymore compared to what it was a year ago.

Well, this is my thoughts on the Subscription service let me know yours in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!



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6 thoughts on “Fallout 1st Yay or Nay?

  1. I’ve got a long way to go before I reach Fallout 76… I’ve still got to get the first game working. 😂

    But I’ve been reading the articles about Fallout 1st and I understand why people are so annoyed. The biggest draw for me would be the private servers… and if they’re not so private, then there doesn’t seem much point in signing up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that’s what I’ve said to Emily as she wanted to sign up and for us me and her to play on our own but if all the Bugs and Glitches they have I’m waiting till January gives them a few months before I try it 😜 and I would say give 76 a go but make sure you play with someone as it can be boring lol


      1. We’ve got a retro section planned for our upcoming charity streams, so there’s a good chance the original game could make the schedule. I’ll be on 76 before you know it. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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