Interview with The Debutantes

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing the questions I asked The Debutantes and along with my thoughts on their new single If [Paradise Is Half As Nice].

So the other day I threw some questions to the Duo to answer and these are the answers I got from them. (Also this is a first for me so the questions will be in Bold and the Answers will be in Italic. 

1. So, to begin with, let’s get a little background on yourselves, How long have you been performing?

A: “We have been performing since childhood. As sisters, we have always loved singing along to tracks and creating harmonies on the spot!”

2. Is it weird working and singing in a band with another family member or is it just like a family gathering?

 A: “It’s very natural and enjoyable. As sisters, we can harmonise without thinking about it. We have so many laughs on and offset as well as whilst in the recording studio.”

3. You both seem to be into fashion as well as music, what is your most desired outfit and why?

A: “We like BooHoo and enjoy scouting for vintage pieces that we mix with high street buys. There’s such a lot to find in charity shops and markets, as well as online. White wet-look boots, flower power prints, bell-bottoms and accessories are all funky and matched with the correct make-up/hair, can create quite a “statement” look.”

4. Moving onto music who’s your main influences?

A: “We grew up in a musical family that loved the sixties and seventies music so we have been influenced a lot by performers like The Ronettes, The Crystals, Abba and even The Bee Gees. We used to watch old footage of Top of the Pops on Sundays which we always enjoyed.”

5. What was it like working with Andy Fairweather Low from the Band Amen Corner?

A: “Really exciting for us. He was really supportive of us covering the song, and we think his vocals sound great on the track.”

6. What gave you the idea of Covering this song?

A: “Alan Jones who co-produced and wrote the songs on the forthcoming album was also an original member of The Amen Corner who had a no 1.hit with the song in 1969. Alan thought it was a good way to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and also introduce us to the general public. We love this track and think it’s a real “feel good” happy single to release as our debut.”

7. Are there any more songs you’d like to cover/perform?

A: “Not at the moment as we have thirteen other songs that we would like to promote as part of the album. We don’t want to be known as a “covers” band.”

8. You have a new album on the way in 2020 what was it like recording the album? (What methods did you use in the studio, how long did it take to finish, were there songs that were cut from the finished product?)

A: “We had a great time recording the tracks. Alan Jones along with engineer and co-producer Richard Jackson and arranger John Rea recorded the multi-tracks on logic and protools and then we added the lead vocals and harmonies. We also added real string players and brass . We have some lovely memories from the recording studio, including the endless inspiration of adding more harmonies to a track until we realised that we’d need to pull back as we became a little carried away!”

9. With a new album release I assume there will be a tour as well? (Any Info?)

A: “Well, we hope that by the time our album is released, we will have an audience who like the songs and our style, us as performers and would like to come out to see us in concert. Stay tuned!”

Many thanks to The Debutantes for answering my questions and participating in my first ever interview on Bandicoot Warrior as well as Lander PR for giving me the chance to do so as well.

The Actual Song

So as said above this song is a Cover of Amen Corner’s original and even includes Andy Fairweather Low on this track, from listening to the track you can feel the Motown vibes and the 60’s Nostglia from this song but I like that the Duo kept it as original as they could but giving it some edge on the vocals.

The song is upbeat and fruity giving the listeners a punch with the instruments used making the song full and vibrant.

Also, think it’s a nice touch having Andy on the track like a homage to the band as well as the song, but it’s nice to have this song released and refreshed along with the music we have today making sure people don’t forget these classics.

The Music video is very creative with the Environment shots used as well as blending the original band performing the song in the video when Andy sings is a good and creative idea as well and looks like an all-round fun video to shoot.

Out of Five?

So if you’re new here at Bandicoot Warrior I always give ratings Out of Five on everything I blog here so for this song which is a nice touch of Nostalgia from the ’60s with a new colourful and vibrant look on the song, I’m going to give this 3/5 stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Once again I would like to say Thank You to The Debutantes for answering my questions and “If [Paradise Is] Half as Nice” is available to listen to on the 15th of November which will be included their new album “Symphonic Pop” Which is due to release in Summer 2020.

Thanks for Reading and More posts coming soon!

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