Ming & Ping – LA November 2019 EP Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at Asian American electronic pop duo Ming & Ping and their new EP entitled “Los Angeles November 2019”

So before we indulge in the review lets give you a bit of background on the duo.

A Little Background Info

Ming & Ping are an Asian American electronic pop band from Los Angeles, California. The duo consists of Hong Kong-born identical twin brothers Ming and Ping, Originally formed in San Francisco, California, Ming & Ping have crafted a sound combining vintage synthesizers with an excess of layered vocals and heavy influences from 80s new wave bands such as Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

Ming & Ping have garnered placements in numerous film and TV shows, as well as landing promotional spots from major companies like Burton Snowboards, Bombardier Ski-Doo, Transworld Snowboarding, Oakley, CrossFit.

Their Cantonese Opera inspired live performances are known as “The Ming & Ping Dynasty” have been exhibited on tour with Freezepop (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) and with groups such as Major Lazer, West Indian Girl and Ultraviolet Sound (Katy Perry).

The Review

Okay so I’m into a little of the new wave genre and I like Pet Shop Boys so this is a good start for me into looking at the duo, so the first time I listened to this EP I listened to it from start to end without knowing when the song changed the flow and change between songs were flawless.

Heaven’s Light starts with that poppy synth and drumbeat to get you in the mood for the song but you can see the influences flying out of the song with this one which is great as it’s like a little homage to the originals of the genre. The effects on the vocals give it that edge but also reminds me of other songs and can see where they get their ideas from. The Chorus is great harmonies and beat behind the vocals really set this song off.

Ride or Die doesn’t stop there this song has some classic keyboard at the beginning before bringing in that synth and vocals, the tempo of the song is a little slower than Heaven’s Light and the vibe on the song is low until it gets to the punchy Chorus where it uses all its energy to tell you they want to “Ride or Die with you” Another great song.

Ride or Die just jumps straight into The End with a slower and lower beat than the other two songs and with calmer vocals and synth work giving this a great outro to the EP and makes you want to listen to this from the beginning again. And the outro to the song is great with the rain and the message at the end of the song.

“Los Angeles November 2019” Available on All Streaming Platforms. 

Out of Five?

This EP is a great addition to the New Wave genre and I believe that they would make the original creators proud of their the songs they have released, for me I enjoyed listening to this, the songs are well made and produced and seem flawless from start to begin I feel they write a song and don’t stop until it’s 110% right.

Great vocals, great beats and just great music.

4/5 Stars for me!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Have you listened to this EP Yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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