So I Tried Fallout 1st

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on Fallout’s Subscription service.

So a couple of weeks ago I discussed Fallout 1st and whether it is worth getting (Link Here) and I gave my thoughts on Bethesda and what there doing with the game.

So I thought instead of giving my thoughts on the service without buying or use it I would go ahead and get 1 month for £11.99 and try it.

So from first opening up, Fallout and trying Fallout 1st the first thing I did was, of course, get the NCR Ranger outfit and crafting it and wearing it for the whole of the community to see that I have it, which was a bad choice to begin with as well some players don’t agree with the subscription service and well started destroying my camp and trying to kill me which I thought what a great start.

Great Start with the NCR Ranger Outfit.

So after joining a few more servers with people that we’re okay with the Fallout 1st or didn’t really care about it, I thought I’d look at the new emotes that were available on the game only for Fallout 1st members which are the Robot Dance and the Mothman Dance.

And to start they are a little fun, to begin with but as Kevduit said in this video on Fallout 1st “This is the $13 Shuffle” and he’s right the emotes are pointless and that we have to pay for them makes it a little stupid I think Bethesda should of give these free to everyone and thought of something else with Fallout 1st.

Not So Impressive.

So after being a little disappointed in the £11.99 Shuffle, I thought I would check out the Scrapbox which is probably the best thing with the service as I like to bulk my junk and sell it within my vendor to other players which is good but I always run out of space within my stash box. so now that I can store an unlimited amount of scrap in the scrap box it makes life easier. But is this worth paying £12 a month for definitely not!

Scrapbox is handy but not really worth the subscription.

The survival tent that can be placed down so it saves you moving and placing your camp elsewhere is a nice touch as you just put the tent down and it has a cooking station, bed, scrap box, stash box, and a guitar to get all your buff needs before you head back out in the wasteland. This and the Scrapbox are the main things for this Subscription in my eyes as they work pretty well, I know it did have problems at the beginning of the service but everything should be okay as of now.

The tent is a nice place to regather your thoughts and stock up.

And lastly, the private servers which should be the main thing to pay for on this subscription and for me at the moment it’s just pointless as I only play Fallout 76 with Emily and a few people we see and go on the game but we did try the private server the and the only advantage to the private server is that you can do the events without people trying to rush it or ruin it and basically for looting stuff that’s what I see the private servers are for now until they make mods available anyway.

Private Servers, Good but not good enough.


Well for me I feel a lot of work needs to be done on Bethseda’s side as this subscription service is okay but its not worth the money in my eyes, yeah okay the 1650 Atoms is a good amount to spend in the Atoms shop but I felt like there was nothing there to spend them on and just wasted it on their bundle packs.

Private worlds are a good start but they need to enable Mods so people can do things to make the game bigger and better which would be great. The survival tent is good and I wouldn’t change that as it works.

The Emotes and outfit shouldn’t be apart of the Fallout 1st Subscription it’s not ideal in my eyes just a novelty thing.

What could be better?

Well, Bethesda could make it so that Fallout 1st members can also use the creation club within the service so that they play their other games, A lot of people are asking for it so bring back Survival mode and PVP instead of having people trying it in adventure mode and ruining people’s games.

If they’re going to keep it More Emotes and outfits at the beginning of the service and not give it to us throughout the service.

Out of Five?

This game is the root of my life well I say game I mean franchise but I feel they are losing themselves with this game and something needs to change soon or it’s going to get worst, let’s hope for Wastelanders to bring this game back!

Some of the stuff is great for the Subscription but I feel Price and Novelty is not the way to go with this service will I be renewing it? Most probably not at the moment.

I’m giving this a 2/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 2 Stars

Well, let me know what you think of this service in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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