My Interview with Avalon Highway

What’s up warriors and today I’m going to be discussing my Interview with Avalon Highway and there new Song that was released on the 29th November.

So I was asked by Lander PR to interview the lads and give my thoughts on the song so a massive thanks to Lander for this opportunity.

As before I’ve not done many interviews before so the answers will be in bold.

The Questions

  1. So just for the people at Bandicoot Warrior tell us a bit about yourselves?

A: Avalon Highway is a 5-piece Rootsy Rock Americana band from Bath, Somerset. We are:

Joe – Lead vocals & acoustic guitar(plasterer by day)

Sam – Lead guitar & BVs (Music store owner by day)

Louis – Drums (Roofer by day)

Gar – Bass (Carpenter by day)

Lewis – Keys & BVs (Pharmaceutical administrator by day)

We just love the thrill of playing & recording our own music and giving our audiences a great time. We love to have fun and it’s all about that but we’re also very serious about doing our best to make music our career.

2. How long have you all been performing as a band?

A: We’ve been playing shows and writing music together for over 6 years. We all get on really well and have been friends for a long time which makes it all a lot easier to persevere and continue the dream!

3. So who are your main influences in music?

A: We have a pretty eclectic catalogue of influences but the main ones would probably be Eagles, Johnny Cash, Counting Crows, Neil Young, Ben Howard, Mumford & Sons.

4. So what are the bands methods of writing new material? (You work together or you work by yourself and then put it together)

A: Normally we all gather at our self-built recording/rehearsal studio, plugin and develop a song all together in the room. Although, sometimes it will start with a preconceived riff, chord sequence or a lyric that kicks it all off. 

Everyone brings their own unique sound and nuances to the songs which ultimately makes them sound like, well, us! That’s why we like to write together because a basic idea can quickly shape into something we love. 

Once we have a solid idea and demo our producer, Mike Batt, takes a listen and makes any suggestions to improve the song.

5. You’ve been featured on BBC Radio at Essex and Devon how did that feel performing on Radio and how did it feel hearing yourself on the Radio?

A: We’ve also been featured on BBC Bristol, BBC Norfolk and national station talk radio. It’s quite an odd one really because you’re in the room playing to the DJ and a couple of mics and you have no idea who is actually listening to you, but then after the session comes an influx of messages, ‘likes’, tweets etc which lets you know that you were indeed being heard and it feels good! After every session we would find the recording and play it back in the car on the way home, it was quite surreal but again was a nice feeling!

6. Besides your new Song being released on the 29th is there any more music coming our way?

A: We’re ALWAYS writing new music so there will be lots more on the way in 2020.  


7. And of course, is there a tour coming up across the UK?

A: There are plans for one, watch this space!

Once again thanks to the lads for answering the questions I asked through email.

So let’s get onto what I think of the song.

So from giving this, a few listens I can say it’s a good rock song with some great vocals and instruments within the song.

And from listening to this they remind me of how the Arctic Monkeys started out and how they introduced themselves to the rock/indie world and from listening to this song I can say the same about Avalon Highway.

Out of five?

This song is creative, refreshing and what a band and song should song like.

I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Make sure you check out Avalon Highway with their new music out now available on all streaming platforms.

Thanks for Reading!

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