Colour of the Jungle – Humblebee

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new band and a new shoutout to the Environmental Crisis this band is talking about, and they are Colour of the Jungle.

So let’s get a little background info on this band.

Colour of the Jungle is a five-piece rock band, whose captivating songwriting and raucous energy has been resonating with audiences from Munich to the South coast of England. Their catchy-but-emotional, approachable-yet-raw sound is built upon sexy bass-driven rhythms and edgy instrumentation, creating music that sticks in the head and the heart.

The group of five friends initially started jamming for fun before swiftly moving to the studio where they soon discovered their true potential and recorded their debut EP The Jungle Book. The four-track release perfectly captured the complex basslines of John Harris, confident drum beats of Dan Fiford, rhythmic riff and leads of Joe Costello and Brendan McVeagh, and intriguing lyrics of Jack Evans. Colour of the Jungle succeeds in combining each individual’s unique styles, forming a fresh yet genuine fusion of sounds.


HumblebeeListen Here

As the band have said “This track is chilled with a little punch. it’s about how we as humans neglect the world with living in through selfish acts and decisions. instrumentally soothing, but still makes you want to dance.”

So from listening to this track, you can hear the single narrates the current environmental crisis and how years of ignorance from the human race has taken its toll on the planet. It highlights how our selfish acts have caused us to forget the bigger picture and are ultimately destroying our future.

The song itself is quite punchy and funky with the instruments and I quite like this song it’s refreshing and vibrant within the music industry and songs that are out now plus the tone on the guitar work is very nice as I’m a sucker for guitar tone and just musical instruments within itself.

Out of Five?

This song is great the guitar work vocals and the whole band working together you can see the chemistry of the band and how much they love making music, plus they have a good cause behind the music and even so, any money made from this single will go to charity as Colour of the Jungle has teamed up with Humblegarms to donate proceeds from the single to Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a charity which makes efforts to monitor and conserve bumblebees and their habitat.

Website – Click Here for More Info

Article – Read Here 

Well, this song is worthy of 4 out of 5 Stars and this song is already in my music library on my phone.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

What you do think of this song? Let me know in the comments. And social media links below!

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