I Now Have A Nintendo Switch!

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing me getting my Nintendo Switch!

Now if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram you would have seen a few posts of me playing Pokemon Go and Super Smash Bros, if not then you’ll get the update now.

So for a couple of weeks, I was thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch and I started thinking about this when I was at Emily’s for the week and while she was at work I was watching videos of people playing them, which one to get out of the Lite and Normal and what games to buy.

Anyway, I kept going back and forth on Do I or Don’t I until I started watching a certain Youtuber and his channel that is completely about the Nintendo Switch.

And that’s this guy!

Wood Hawker – Beaemups

This guy has so many videos on the switch and games and accessories for the switch it’s unreal plus he goes through games that I’d never thought of looking at and the silly and random accessories.

Plus I had fun watching his videos it made me get over the Do I or Don’t I on buying the switch and went to what the hell let’s buy one.

I’m not big on shoutouts to people but if you haven’t seen or heard of Beatemups them make sure you give them a view or subscribe if you’re into the switch as you won’t want to miss out! (Links Below)

Youtube             Twitter 

Anyway, after deciding on getting a switch I went straight to Agros and paid £280 for the switch and then went round to CEX and traded in some things and got some games for the Switch and behold this is what I got!


So I set up the console, installed the updates and put the memory card in and off I went first game I played was bringing back the 10-year-old me which was Mario Kart 8 which was a blast so much so my Mum wanted to have a go as well (She’s still learning with the joycons) but was pretty fun.

Then after a few hours of racing, I went straight into the fight zone with Smash Bros which I haven’t played Smash for a while the last one I played was on the Gamecube and nothing’s changed only more content which was ace took me back to trying to unlock all the fighters.


Then it came to the game I was more excited about than most, yep you guessed it Pokemon Go!

Pokemon games are forever going to be my go-to and even at the age of 29 I’m still playing them and what a nostalgia feeling it was playing just the 1st gen trying to catch them all I felt like I was 9 all over again. And even caught my Favourite Fire Pokemon

Shock Horror it’s not Charizard

I still haven’t played Harvest Moon yet but soon I will but at the moment Pokemon is taking over at the moment the only other game that’s taking force is Fallout 76 (I know Yawn another Fallout shoutout)

But the Switch has got me back into Nintendo’s good books the 2DS wasn’t that great for me and even so I traded that in at CEX to get games for this and in my eyes that was the right choice.

Once again if you haven’t seen or watched Beatemups before make sure you do as anything Switch related he’s the guy!

What games would you recommend for the Switch? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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