Pizza Parking

What’s Up Warriors and today I’m going to be giving my thoughts and review on this Nintendo Switch Game called Pizza Parking.

So a little info on the game – Pizza Parking is a challenging arcade parking simulator.

You are a pizza delivery driver, and your goal is to park precisely and fast! Time is running out and the road is winding and full of obstacles. With 4 cars of various driving characteristics and 72 unique levels, this game will keep you going with Challenges.

So with reading that I thought why not and especially with it being 89p on the Estore! So I brought it and downloaded it and started playing.

From the first impressions of the game, it was very easy, to begin with, and it was fun to play and challenging to park the car perfectly within the lines.

But after playing for over 30 minutes it gets a little repetitive and when you hit the cones or other cars the noise it makes can be a little annoying.

Also, the controls are a little clunky I started using the Joycons and at first, it was okay but then I went onto the controller and it felt like a button delay was on it so if you’re going to play it I would use the Joycons.

Out of Five?

For the price I paid for the game I’m not going to cry but for me, this game could be something that can be played on a mobile phone and with the number of parking games on the mobiles I can see where the idea came from.

Good execution on the game but I think more time was needed on making the game better.

2/5 Stars for me.

Have you played Pizza Parking? Let me know in the comment below!

Thanks for Reading!

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