Happy New Year Bloggers!

What’s up Warriors and today I’ve thought that I would do a little post wishing all my readers and followers a Happy New Year!

So a lot has been happening at Bandicoot Warrior on the Blog site and on the social networks for Bandicoot Warrior the main one for me is working alongside Lander PR and LPR Agency with music and new upcoming artists that are coming on the music scene.

With that, I want to thank the people at those PR agencies for letting me write for them but also giving this little blogsite a chance on doing so.

Views, Likes and Comments

So at the end of 2018, I set myself a little target to get my blog a little more known, more likes and comments and I nearly finished that target.

Likes and Comments for 2018
Likes and Comments for 2019

So for everyone who has liked, commented and viewed a post on my blog I want to thank you for spending a little of your time on my site and viewing my content.

With Views, I’ve had good and bad days on this blog and some days without any views but there are times where I have had 20-30 views in a day which is a plus, either way, I’m hoping that the progress will continue and progress.


2020 will be an interesting year I hope, as I want to do more Gaming reviews as I’ve been more focused on the music side this year and feel like I’ve been drifting away from it, also I’ve not done any Film reviews as well so I may have to jump back on that.

I have mentioned it on Instagram but I will be posting more on Instagram next year as I feel that social account has gone a little quiet in the past few months.

Game, Film and Album of the Year?

So to end this post I’m going to be discussing my Game, Album and Film of the year.

Game of the Year

So if you missed it I did a post about a week ago on my Game of the Year so if you missed it you can check it here.

Album of the Year

With music, it was a slow year in my eyes and there weren’t many albums that were released that took my fancy and more songs that did but the album of the year for me would have to be Billie Eilish’s When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? 


It was creative, weird and was something different at the time of release and every song on the album is listenable which with most artists isn’t always the case and as I call it to have “Filler Songs” to fill the album but this album was good and be nice to see what she does next.

It was either this or Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent and that is a close second as I even did a review on Capaldi’s album.

Film of the Year

My Film of the year has to be Joker, that film was brilliant and was very DC like being so dark and the story was amazing as well and Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job as well.

And still the Stairs scene gets me to this day.

Well, once again Thanks for Reading this post and Happy New Year to all my readers and hope you stick around for more posts in 2020!

Thanks for Reading!

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Bandicootwarrior is an upcoming Reviewing blog site where i will review music, films and most of all games!

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