Gal Metal Review

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be giving my thoughts on DMM Games Gal Metal World Tour Edition.

So little background info on the game

Released in November 2018 by DMM Games is a rhythm game designed for Nintendo Switch that turns each Joy-Con controllers into a drum stick. Where you and your band have to save the world from Aliens taking over and the only way to do so is playing Heavy Metal!

So I picked this up for £10 from Game when it was on sale just before the new year, now currently selling for £19.99 so bargain there.


Gal Metal Story.png

So the story is two young people are abducted by aliens, who have become frustrated with the metal music they hear from Earth. They send the two, a boy and a girl, back to Earth as one to do their bidding. This results in the boy having control over the girl’s body, with her voice in the back of his mind assisting him in acting natural. So they join the girl’s band and practice drumming in order to blend in with the girl’s band, which has taken it upon themselves to force the aliens away with their metal music.

With the story, I liked how they showed it to you over comic book strips which were a nice touch to go along with the cartoon graphics which are a nice blend and shade as well.

Also In between performances to take on the pesky aliens, you’ll manage your own life as a student. Improve your skills and friendships by doing part-time jobs, hanging out with your friends, and jamming in the club room. This reminded me of Rock God Tycoon a little which is pretty good as well and gives the game more complex than slamming your joy-cons around.


Controls are pretty much straight forward as the joy-cons are your drum sticks and you move them in sequence and time to earn points and combos in order to pass the level you need to get a higher score or combos than the computer.

The flaw with this is that even though it’s pretty much straight forward the timing is either out or the game doesn’t register you moving the joy-cons in time and sometimes you could lose the combos or points from a simple error, but the plus to it is once again Nintendo try and get the user to exercise while playing which is a nice touch.

Out of Five?

This game was fun and I really enjoyed playing this game and its a nice change from playing the usual genre of games, I’m not big on rhythm games and the last one I played was Rocksmith 2014, but this game has potential but it does feel like it is missing something (more content, different characters, more activities) but maybe in more future DLC or another game we will see this.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Have you played Gal Metal? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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