My Interview with Neighborhood Goliath

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing a new song by a Soul driven band called Neighborhood Goliath and I’ll also be asking them some questions as well.

So let’s begin with the Questions, (Questions will be in Italic, Answers will be in Bold.)

1. So tell the readers a little about yourself? 

A. What’s up, I am Trevor Dion Nicholas. I’m the singer, lyricist and primary songwriter for Neighborhood Goliath. I’m an American, originally from Morgantown, West Virginia, but I’ve lived in London since 2016 and brought my genre-mashing music project with me. I’m big into ’80s and 90’s movies, comics, pro wrestling and I love listening to as much music as I can in a day. I’m also a moderate video game enthusiast and an overall nerd culture consumer (I have a massive collection of various Funko Pop’s adorning my home studio). As an actor, I’ve performed on Broadway and the West End.

2. Who are your main influences in music?

A. My personal biggest influences from a songwriting standpoint are Mike Patton, Ben Folds, Damon Albarn and Ben Gibbard. On top of that, bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Muse really influence the overall sound of the band. Plus I’ve been a huge Prince and Bowie fan since I was a kid, especially their sense of unbridled self-expression and passion to toy with genre and push those limitations.

3. When writing songs do you pull ideas from different ideas (E.G. Films, Music, TV)

A. When I’m writing I try to tell stories of my own or of the people closest to me. I try to tell them as truthfully as I can, and a big part of that is concepts and ideas that are affected by what I’m experiencing and consuming. If I’m watching a movie, or listening to a podcast, and something said clashes or overlaps with my thoughts on a new song, that can fuel the work I’m already doing. The stuff I see and hear can give me a different way of looking at a story, maybe my point of view isn’t the most relatable to take, maybe by creating this imaginary conversation that never actually occurred I can give closure to an event that never had the opportunity to find that closure. All ideas are open for business, especially when there’s a never-ending list of content to consume and be informed by.

 4. So Dark Stars is being released in February can you tell us the meaning behind the song? 

A. Dark Stars is my anthem of willful denial! 

It comes from two directions; The initial spark of finding a new person, the excitement but the fear of what it could become. Knowing you dig this person but trying to avoid the honesty of that affection, because it leaves you vulnerable. Then there’s the collapse of it, evading the conversations you know are waiting for you, hiding from eye contact because you know you’ve both overstayed your welcome. 

Dark Stars is pulling at both joyful and melancholy memory threads. It’s a conversation about why a particular love is unique and extraordinary but ultimately doomed. 

5. Will there be an album coming with the single release?

A. No current plans for a full album release, our focus is currently on releasing as much new music as possible. Dark Stars, as well as our last single Entire Life and our upcoming ones, were initially conceived as a full-length album together. We operate in a music market now that thrives on consistency for growth, and we think it’s more beneficial for us and our listeners to have a continuous flow of consistent, distinctive music through the rest of the year. 

My aim, if all goes as planned, is to release more than an album’s worth of new music in 2020.

 6. And lastly, will you be touring if so where? 

A. We will be playing in and around London throughout the year. The best place to keeps tabs on where you can see us live is to check us out on Instagram (@neighborgoliath). Any dates that are added we will push through there as well as Spotify and Facebook. We’re looking forward to some live one of a kind collaboration with different performers and visual artist to bring something engaging on a whole new level very soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Neighborhood Goliath for taking some time out to answer my questions now let’s get onto the song itself.

So Lander PR was kind enough to send over the song for me to listen to so Thanks to them for giving me the chance to write on this as well as listen to this song.

Dark Stars

So from listening to Dark Stars, you can hear the punchy trumpets in the background of the strong vocals within the song as well as the simple but effective drums which brings the song together making it one.

Towards the ending of the song, the drums go a little crazy which I love as it’s like a drum solo instead of a guitar solo and coming from a guitarist I think that’s cool instead of it being the Guitarist all the time shining the light on them.

The Vocals are nice and clear which and are quite relaxing to listen to which after my 5th listen through makes the song a Chillout style vibe and definitely be going in my “Music to Relax to” playlist.

Out of Five?

This song is great to listen to and relax and that’s what I think these guys were going for with this song is has a little of everything but not too much to make it complex, the song is diverse and also throws in a little Ska with the trumpets a genre which hardly gets the recognition it needs and deserves and that’s coming from an avid listener of “Heavy Metal” and “Hip-Hop”

I’m going to give this song a 3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

Well, once again thanks to Neighborhood Goliath and Lander PR for giving me the chance to write up on this and ask some questions on the band and the song.

Links to Social Media will be below and as usual Thanks for Reading!

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