Riaz Ahmad – Pray to God

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new song I’ve been giving a go from Riaz Ahmad called Pray to God.

New onto the music scene he’s been getting a little recognition as being Championed by BBC Introducing Oxford and BBC Asian Network he’s now looking forward to releasing his debut EP “All at Sea” on 21st of February and with his single “Pray to God” being released at the end of the month.

So Lander PR has kindly given me the EP to listen to and from listening to this I can say it’s really good you can feel what he’s singing about the family, migration and love within the songs and the distinctive influences from modern folk and a contemporary twist from the likes of Moses Sumney and Bon Iver I also feel a City and Colour Vibe coming from this as well It’s a lovely blend of acoustic with a nod to his traditional Asian roots.

About the Song

“Pray to God” is a mellow song and as soon as I heard the vocals and Acoustic playing it was relaxing and it felt like a City and Colour influence straight away, from listening to this song I can say that the Vocals are very nicely done and are not too powerful over the music behind them letting the strings play through the vocals giving the song an all-rounder, plus I love the Asian style influence within the song playing along with the Acoustic guitar it fits so well and you don’t hear much of this in songs.

Out of Five?

This song is great and listening to the EP has made me really like this style of music you can see the Bon Iver and City and Colour influences within his music but this is great and gives him a more creative edge. A great song and one I’ll definitely be putting in my playlist when it’s released.

Giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Well, once again Thanks to Lander PR for giving me the chance to write on this but also for giving me the EP to listen to.

Also, Riaz is in a Beatles Cover Band called “The Oxford Beatles” make sure you check them out as well as from listening to them they are a blast as well.


Well, as usual, the links will be below for social media accounts and make sure you check out his single “Pray to God” being released on 31st January.

Thanks for Reading!

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