Izzy Thomas – MAD

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new artist and new song.

So a little background info.

Izzy Thomas is the epitome of a 21st-century female alt-pop/rock artist. With her seductive, fiercely powerful vocals, guitar lead melodies and electronic beats, Thomas has created her own unique sound and vision.

 Born in Yorkshire, the feisty musician is bringing back rock ’n’ roll, but a kind that flirts with a variety of genres, making listeners from rock to hip hop backgrounds come in union as her fans. As a young girl, Thomas was inspired by the records of Queen and Michael Jackson, singing and playing the guitar to their music. To this day her love for these artists oozes into her music, together with her modern production, the powerhouse vocalist is bringing something to the UK charts, which has been lacking.

Watch the Music Video Below

About the Song

The song begins with a powerful piano playing which sounds very similar to REM’s Everybody Hurts which is a nice little homage to the band. The Vocals are powerful and hit you strong from start to finish and the music video is well made and shows Izzy’s passion within the music she creates and wants everyone to know that as well.

If this song doesn’t get radio play then I would be very surprised as I can see this being played on the radio as it feels like one of the songs that will always be on the radio.

Also, check out this live performance of “It’s a Man’ World”

Out of Five?

This song is creative and powerful but also is a song you can get on board with if your feeling “Mad” but also it can be a song to relate to if you’re having problems within yourself.

I’m going to give this a 3/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 3 Stars

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