The Outer Worlds!

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be giving my thoughts on Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds!

So I’ve only played this for about 5 hours and literally, I’ve enjoyed playing every minute of it, the game’s story and free roam is great plus the number of weapons you can use within this game is pretty good as well I keep changing it up to see what weapons are better, currently, the Shotguns are my favourite at the moment.


Also, the artwork for this game is phenomenal you can see that they have put so much time and effort into this game from looking at the loading screens throughout the game.


There are so many things I could talk about on this game it’s unreal the companions you can have are all different and have special abilities and their own quests you can do to make them better and find out their back story so far from the companions I have Vicor Max is an unusual one but I love his special ability where he kneecaps the enemy and his one-liners.

The Outer Worlds_20191027174545

The story is quite well made from what I’ve played too and just shows what Obsidian can make with the time they have plus Fallout New Vegas was well made as well shame Bethseda chewed them up and threw them out like they did.


Also, the environment on this game is also amazing it looks beautiful and every walk to the quests I do are great think I’ve only fast travelled once in this game.

3616064-3595027-the outer worlds screenshot 2019.10.17 -

So yeah this is where I’ve been for a while as I’ve not posted any posts for some time well now you know I’ve been stuck and memorized by The Outer Worlds!

I’m not going to give this a rating as well I still have more to explore on this game but we all know it would be a 5/5 anyway!

Maybe Bethesda wished they kept their ties with Obsidian now they could have made Fallout 76 a better game and more compelling but I’m not here to hate I like both games. And as a fallout fan, I can say this is a close second on RPG side of gaming for me.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!



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3 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds!

  1. I enjoyed my time with The Outer Worlds. Probably the second game that has given me Firefly vibes as you play it. However, since I played the game two times through on the highest difficulty, there were many things that really bothered me about the game.

    This is something I won’t write so as not to spoil it but in the end, the ride was very enjoyable and I quite like a lot of the game.
    Good to hear you enjoy it, looking forward to your thoughts once the game has been completed.

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