The Debutantes – My Precious Love

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing The Debutantes new song and music video called My Precious Love.

Previously I did an interview with the girls on their debut single “(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice which if you missed can be read here,

The Song

The song opens with a barrage of carefully orchestrated stabs, in a nod to The Supremes and the influential wall of sound approach. The song has a vintage style to it and as I know the girls do vintage very well along with their fashion tastes as well.

The Song has a catchy chorus and strong vocals throughout the whole song which is something the girls are quite good at, I also like the style of the song fitting in with their debut song giving the 60/70’s style a revive in the current music genres we have today.

Music Video Below

The Music video was released to Youtube yesterday and after watching it you can see the clothes within the music video as long as the style of the stage they’re standing on as well as the old retro style of microphone they’re using you can see the influence the 60/70’s has on them, but they pull it off very well and the video was created very well just like (If Paradise Is) Half as Nice’s video.

I can say that this music is not usually my thing but ever since I’ve been giving the chance to do an interview with the girls and listening to their songs as there released I can say that this music is growing on me and I’m even listening to a little more Motown now as well.

If you haven’t checked out The Debutantes before then now’s your chance as the links will be below to click on.

Thanks for Reading! and I will do some more posts very soon!

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