Pokemon Sword Discussion

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing my Journey playing Pokemon Sword!

So I got this game for Xmas and I only recently been playing it I was avoiding it at all costs as I know as soon as I played it, it would take away the time I was putting into Pokemon Go Pikachu and I was right.


This game is so far amazing It has taken me back to Pokemon in so many different ways than I thought it would so much so I’ve been arguing with me co-workers about playing Pokemon at 29 years of age is still okay.

The game itself is great I’m not big on the new-gen Pokemon and still only like the 1st and 2nd Gen. To the fair that’s when I stopped playing Pokemon at around Gold and Silver on the Gameboys. But it was the same style as the original ones you got a Pokemon to begin with and you work your way through the gyms and beat the champion.

I could talk about this all day but I will stick to the main things I want to discuss.


The raids in the wild areas are a neat idea and it brings people across the world together defeat a giant Dynamax pokemon which if you get the chance to catch the Pokemon it will be a strong ally to have in your team plus you the exp points you get in Candies for your Pokemon by completing them is great as they can help level the little guys.

Plus it feels like an online game where your all fighting for the same pokemon but you all have the chance to catch it.

A Blurry Raid Picture.


Being able to set up camp and look after your pokemon and play games with them and even cook for yourself and them is a nice touch, you can earn their trust, get them to like you and even earn EXP points towards their new level.

This is a great idea as well as if you’re stuck on the road battling and one of your pokemon gets hurt or Faints in battle you can set up camp look after them and back on the road with our best team. Makes the game a little easier in my eyes but anything to just have a good run on becoming the Pokemon Master.

Yeah, Fan them Flames! (Zigzagoon waiting for his food)


Being able to customize well nearly everything on the game gives it that personalisation of it being your own game and no one can copy you but also makes the game complex.

Clothes, Player Card, Bike, Upgrades, Nicknames, Held Items and there is probably more that I haven’t found yet but doing so makes the game feel more than just a game it actually feels like your own Journey and not one that no one else can do unless they copy your exact move.

Had to get a Bike Selfie.

Surprise Trading

This is a first for me I know its been on the DS games as well but I never bothered with it until now and it’s quite fun, you don’t know what you’re going to get and they don’t as well but the amount of good Pokemon I’ve got from this is amazing some kind-hearted soul surprise traded me a Charmander and I gave them a Swirlix (Sorry if your reading this)

I really like this as you can get your Pokedex filled up in no time doing this as well and you can really become the Pokemon Master!

Yeah, not one of my Best Trades. Source (Reddit)

Online Play

Playing a Pokemon game online is a little weird I never thought it would be so much fun in a way that you battle random people from across the world, trade with unknown trainers for good and not so good Pokemon, you can swap with other trainers for their cards to see what there Pokemon are.


Overall this game is great and is a really great addition to the Nintendo Switch I was quite surprised to see a Pokemon game on a not so portable console but after now buying one and playing one it’s a great console and the games that are being released on it make the console even better.

I’m giving this a 5/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars

Let me know what you think in the comments below and Thanks for Reading!



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