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What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be going through my all-time Favourite games of all time. (Yes there will be a Fallout game in here)

So in no order, I’m going to be showing you the games that stole a lot of my time when I was a kid to present.

Pokemon Yellow – Game Boy/Game Boy Colour 1998

So to begin this list is you can’t beat a pokemon game and after my last post on Pokemon Sword it would be wrong not to include the game that started it all for me which was this masterpiece this game was amazing and I spend hours actually make that day on this game I wanted to catch them all and be the very best and I even still have this game somewhere in the collection of gaming hiding upstairs.

Crash Bandicoot – Playstation One 1996

The game that gave me the idea of this blog name and website and the game that stole lots of my time and still to this day it’s my Playstation Mascot even if Sony, as they didn’t have one for the Playstation One, this game, was great for its time and after watching the documentary on how the top guys at Naughty Dog manipulated the system to make their 3D game what it was in a way was incredible no one at the time thought of doing what they did.

Goldeneye 007 – Nintendo 64 1997

Goldeneye the first game I really enjoyed on the N64 and with being a Massive James Bond fan and Goldeneye being my Favourite film as well I needed to play this game and I even completed this about 3 times I enjoyed playing it that much. The N64 was a great console and a console that’s always overlooked in my eyes but whenever you ask someone about the N64 they always say Goldeneye.

Resident Evil 4 – Gamecube 2005

I could have named any of the resident evil games on this list as I love them all but this game at the beginning I was like “Where’s the Zombies!” and after playing it for longer and longer it got better and better for me and this game as well as Harvest Moon and Smash bros really highlighted the Gamecube console for me and this game was amazing in its own way the story was great the bosses were hard and the creepy sales merchant made me laugh!

What Are You Buyin?

Fallout 3 – PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC 2008

This game started the Obsession for me and the love I have for this game and Francaise is none other in a way I should have named my blog to do with this game or something along the lines of it but what’s done is done.

This game stole a lot of my time and I wanted to finish every quest, side quest, find everything to find on this game and pretty much do everything. Not only that the DLC on this game was amazing and Bethesda can’t beat this game Fallout New Vegas, 4 and 76 are great games but this will always be top of the list on Fallout games for me.

Red Dead Redemption – Playstation 3/Xbox 360/PC 2010

The last game on the list as I could keep going on forever on this list but Red Dead Redemption was a great game and Rockstar did well with this game and when I first heard about this game I was like GTA in the Cowboy Days, yeah that’s not going to work what is Rockstar thinking. Well I was wrong this game was ace and it was like Fallout 3 I wanted to do everything I could on this game and no matter what you did there was stuff to do where ever you went something was there to do.

Well thanks for reading Warriors and let me know your games in the comments below and see what games are your favourite

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