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What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing The Weeknd’s latest release which has been long in waiting but now it is here and I’m ready to discuss my thoughts on “After Hours”

So after releasing My Dear Melancholy in 2018 which I did a review on everyone has been waiting for his latest album and just music to drop and now it’s here and it’s fourteen tracks and for the first time, there are no feature artists on any of the tracks.

I was originally going to do a review on the second single that he released “Blinding Lights” which was on repeat for about 2 days in this house and I loved listening to it every minute even so I brought the CD Single and Cassette of the song!


But let’s get on with that you came here for the review of the album.

(All information I’ve gathered on the songs and lyrics will be from Genius)

Alone Again

Alone Again” serves as the opener of After Hours. On the track, Abel addresses a substance abuse issue and overdose scare, asking his lover to remind him of who he is and draw him out of his problem. [1] The song features twinkly synthesizers transitioning into a harder hitting beat with droning bass and aggressive drums giving this song a powerful intro to the album.

Too Late

Too Late” is a fast-paced, synthetic song that features the blame-taking theme from Abel that is seen all over the album, asking for forgiveness from his lover and to come and lead a life full of sin with him. [2] This song has the same vibe and feel as Wasted Times from My Dear Melancholy and steals vibes from Garage genre to make track 2 a good flowing song to go to.

Hardest to Love

Hardest to Love” features Abel longingly reminiscing on his past behaviours in a relationship, putting the blame for its end on himself. [3] This track is a little softer compared to the first two but has a little drum and bass to bring this track up to standards with the others, with that being said I can see this in clubs and pubs.

Scared to Live

Scared to Live” is a ballad that details how a tragic breakup left his lover doubting love. [4] This song is a great one and I even saw it showcase on Saturday Night Live and this song is powerful in vocals and hitting your heartstrings and has become one of my favourites of the album.


Snowchild” features Abel looking back at his past, addressing his fast come-up to fame and past vices like drugs and women that wanted him as he blew up. [5] As with referencing Snow is another term for Cocaine which is another referencing to Abel’s drug-ridden past. The song itself is good and picks you back up after Scared to live plays on your heartstrings.

Escape from LA

Escape from LA” is one of After Hours‘ most dark and lethargic moments, with Abel dismissively addressing his partner and her infidelity within their relationship. He eventually chalks up their rocky relationship’s strifes to the fast-paced environment of Los Angeles and concludes that the two must get out of the city to live a good life together. [6] This song is quite dark giving the album a rollercoaster feeling sending up and down on emotions and feelings which not many artists can do.


Heartless” is the first featured single off the album which when I first heard it blew my head off with the amount of bass within the song which is about making his money and careless lifestyle known to a specific person, possibly on-and-off-girlfriend Bella Hadid. [7] And even gave us our first music video to the album as well which features the intoxicated Abel gambling and smoking with producer Metro Boomin in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, with blindingly bright lights surrounding him which flows into the next music video later on.


Faith” is a somber banger that features The Weeknd exploring his usual themes of hedonism and partying over a beat by frequent collaborator Metro Boomin. He also opens up about his drug addiction and compares the act of getting high to losing one’s religion. [8] This song grew on me the more I listened to it especially with the dark lyrics and meaning behind it all and the beat getting stuck in your head.

Blinding Lights

Blinding Lights,” the second single to the album, Abel confesses a constant state of distraction in which he only finds relief when in the presence of a lover. [9] The song is an up-tempo electropop track that features large 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance music drums which has done very well on radio play as well as with everyone listening to it as it gave me that 80’s vibe plus this is one of my favourites of the album.

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes” features The Weeknd singing in a more vulnerable manner than most of his other hedonistic songs, giving himself up to the feelings he can see in his lover and how that makes him feel. The song, following the flashy disco-influenced “Blinding Lights,” is another transition into the more synth-heavy second half of the record and features a saxophone outro [10] Another 80’s vibe song to follow on from Blinding Lights giving you that extra feel on the ’80s along with strong vocals on the beat making this another one to look out for.

Save your Tears

Save Your Tears” The Weeknd once again addresses his past relationships and recollects on the experiences they went through together, while also providing no emotional support for his ex. The song is one of the more ‘80s, synth-heavy tracks featured on the record compared to the darker, muddier tracks seen during the middle of the record. [11] This song’s beat is a good one and flows nicely after the last 2 songs on the album.

Repeat After Me (Interlude)

Repeat After Me (Interlude)” is the sole interlude on After Hours. The song features Abel beckoning to his lover to repeat after him and essentially brainwash his lover into loving him after the two have split up and she is with someone new. [12] This song with the overuse of Bass along with the vocals actually works and gives you separation from the 80’s vibe onto the next journey on the album.

After Hours

After Hours” is the title track and the third promotional single for the album the song addresses a failed relationship that ended in heartbreak and serves as an apology letter for his past transgressions, as he desires reconciliation. [13] The song’s dark vibes and altered vocals over hard-hitting production are reminiscent of styles seen on Abel’s earlier music such as November 2012’s Trilogy which shows us that the original The Weeknd is still in there deep down over all the new personas he’s done.

Also, I love the short film features most of the new tracks being played in the background which no one would know about until the album release.

Until I Bleed Out

Until I Bleed Out” describes the end of Abel’s journey throughout After Hours, with the record’s ending signifying that Abel’s body has run out of the blood. He has given every last ounce of effort and emotion he can to the ventures he has undergone of the course of the record’s tracklisting, leaving him unable to keep pushing further for his relationship that he constantly talks about on the record. [14] This song has a quite powerful ending to the album as well as the point he’s getting across which was basically throughout the album.

My thoughts on the album.

The album is great, I love any music that The Weeknd does as he puts all his effort in making it but also he doesn’t stick to one genre he will change it up for different albums and songs and this time he went with that 80’s vibe which was a success as Blinding Lights is one of my favourites on the album.

Plus the album takes you on a journey with The Weeknd which not many artists can do these days they just make songs and cash in, but with this, it sent me on the same journey The Weeknd took, (Obviously without the drug-taking) but his storytelling days are far from over and this album actually took me back to “Kissland” which was 7 years ago as the storytelling on that album was great but I think “After Hours” is now the one to top.

This being said I’m giving this album 5/5 Stars! it has everything I need in an album that keeps me fixated on it and on my 4th playthrough I’m not bored yet.

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars

Well if you got this far then I want to Thank you for reading this review and hopefully, more will be coming your way soon.

Let me know in the comments section below what you thought of the album!

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