Sophia – Negatives

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new artist and her new song which will be her debut on April 17th.

Burstimo PR has kindly given me the song to listen to and give my thoughts on the song.

A little background info

A prolific and imaginative songwriter, Sophia draws inspiration from the 70’s rock scene, as well as contemporary pop and R&B genres. Her dynamic live performances and memorable vocals have led to performances at legendary venues around New England, notably Boston’s historic Wilbur Theatre, the Middle East Nightclub (Cambridge, Ma), and the iconic Hard Rock Cafe. Her honest and relatable lyrics landed her a nomination for “New Act of the Year” by the New England Music Awards where she made it to the finals of in the Last Band Standing competition. She also received “Best Original Song” at the Young Performer’s Club Showcase and was a PBS Celebration of Music finalist.

When speaking on the track, Sophia explained:

“I wrote this song during a time in my life when I was feeling stuck. I was fresh out of a breakup and quite overwhelmed with college. I found myself constantly thinking of the future, my goals, and what I wish I could be pursuing. I just wish I had taken a step back to appreciate the current moment. It’s so easy to get tunnel vision and obsess over the future, and in doing so, I was missing opportunities to grow and to be grateful for what I had right in front of me. A picture really will last you longer if you let the present moment slip by without taking anything in.”

The Song

So the song itself is a nice and chilled out the song to vibe too and has great guitar work on the track so much so it gets me wanting to play the guitar again as the tone on this song is great. This song reminds me a little of Khalid “Saved” a little as it’s the same with the instrumental style in the song.  The Vocals are nice and clear and strong without the song giving this a nice song to listen too.

Out of Five

From listening to this song I can see an upcoming artist that is going to do well for herself even from listening to only one song I can see the range of different styles she can do from her singing as well as the musical side of the song, I can also see this getting lots of radio play in April which will give her the boost she needs and this is a great start for a debut into the music world.

I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

Once again thanks to Burstimo PR for giving me the chance to write on this great song and hearing it before it’s release date. Make sure to check out “Negatives” which will be on all streaming platforms on April 17th.

Thanks for reading and as usual links are below!

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