Wastelanders! Is It Worth Playing?

Hello Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing Fallout 76 Wastelanders! And whether it’s worth playing or not?

So as you know I’m a big fan of Fallout Games and to be truthful I was a little disheartened by Fallout 76 as it was supposed to give us more than it did but like a Bethseda fan boy I was I stuck with it and carried on playing.

So April 14th the Update came out at a Whopping 58GB which was the whole game being downloaded again but after that I jumped straight into it and started to travel the wasteland.

The first thing I came across was the NPC at Vault 76 as I thought I would go back to the starting point and it was glorious having an actual conversation with someone and not hearing Holotapes!


Also after talking to the first NPC I also noticed the graphics of the game had increased with this update the people your talking to are more sharper in detail.


The quests are so far pretty good as well better than chasing Holotapes and dead ends all the time there actually feels like a decent story to this game now, plus I liked the little ”I found all your Holotapes” when you see the Overseer for the first time.


Also the best thing for me at the moment is actually being encountered by actually people and not just Ghouls, Robots and Scorched so killing Cults, Raiders and Foundation people can be pretty cool as well.



I would give this a rating but at the moment I’ve not played this game enough to justify it but I would definitely recommend this game to anyone now with this Wastelanders update being out its made the game like brand new!

Let me know what you think in the comments below? Did Bethesda do justice on this game? Or should they have left it in the dirt and focused on other upcoming games.

Thanks for reading and hopefully will have more posts coming soon!


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