MotoGP 20

Hello Warriors its GlitzyWarrior here and I am talking about the new MotoGP 20 in this review.

I am going through different features, graphics and general gameplay of the game, also give a few tips along the way. The reason will become clear.


Let me me talk about the career mode first. In career you have a really in depth career as you have to have an agent who sorts out your contracts for you. Also you can change the agent as many times as you want as you are paying them as part of your staff. You have a chief engineer and data analyst as well to help guide you through the technical stuff. Make sure though that they are adding knowledge and not taking it away as you have a synergy.

In career when you have picked your team you will have objectives you will need to achieve as if you don’t you will cease at that team if you under perform. Best thing to do is start with a smaller team with achieveable objectives and start in Moto 3 to get used to the feel if you are one that just dives in straight away.Historic mode is in the game where you can compete with some of the greatest riders that have been in MotoGP. Here you have three options easy, intermediate and difficult. These basically give you gems so you can buy new riders and liveries to unlock all the historic riders as you will need to do them to unlock them.


The graphics of the game are really exceptional and its the sort of thing that we kind of expect now. It’s vibrant and colourful, which is good and there is a lot of detail to the textures of the bikes and tracks. It is quite a good looking game. One of the details I like from this is the helmet camera as when you are riding along you will start to see a build up of flys on the visor and I think that is a good detail that is often missed in some games.

The weather effects are good and compelling as depending on the conditions does depend on the tyres you use. So if the track temperature is really high you will need to use a medium or hard tyre. If the track temperature is cold then a soft tyre will be needed. The game doesn’t do this for you so you will need to do it through out the sessions in practice, qualifying and racing.


Now this is what everyone has been waiting for what is the gameplay like. Well let me tell you its rather good as a complete bike racing simulation as the bikes have their own physics. Moto 3 for instence are 250cc and are forgiving if you make a mistake but push it to hard and you will come off. The Moto 2 with a more powerful bike you will need to learn balance of speed, power and braking just like the MotoGP bikes as to earlier on the power will result in coming off.

The bikes handle how they should as you can’t really expect to go straight into the most powerful bike and win races, it’s not an arcade simualion. For first timers you will need to start of with less powerful bikes first to get used to the sim feel of the game.The racing line on tracks is very important as any deviation could end up in a mess on the next couple of corners. You have to really think ahead of each corner to get it exactly right, but when you do it’s a good sense of achievement.


My overall score for this game would be a 5 out 5 result as the game is that good. I would say though if you are a driving simulation fan and not a bike fan then it’s not for you. If you are an arcade racer I wouldnt try and play it as a pick up and play game as its far from it.

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars


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