Wastelanders – 1 Month After Release

What’s up warriors and today I’m going to be discussing Fallout 76’s DLC that was released about a month ago now, Wastelanders.

So as most of my followers know I’m a big Fallout fan and even when the game was on breaking point and all the hatred was flowing through the game Me and Emily still played it.

We Grinded levels, did daily events, collected scrap and made things at our camps to the point it got a little boring. So we gave the game a little break and played other things (Mainly for me it was Call of Duty and Red Dead 2)

But on 14th April the game appeared back in the disc drive for another Journey which was Wastelanders.

Now I have spoken about this in a previous post which I will link here but after a month of playing Wastelanders DLC what do I think?

Also, there won’t be any spoilers in here I won’t discuss the Storyline and quests as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone only starting or picking up the game as of now. 


For me, the Quest for Wastelanders was pretty fun and I liked how it panned out, without saying much the endgame of the questline was pretty interesting, to say the least, and for Bethesda to bring in the new currency for us to use as well as Caps is also quite interesting. 

Sorry Guys and Gals this will be the only Spoiler.


Now for someone who has played this game before most of the Locations have stayed the same but mainly added NPC’s to the area or changed it a little, there are a few new areas within Appalachia which for travelling to for the first time is really cool and I like that Bethseda will just change something to make it better Like that.

For example, the Space Creator was empty and full of Super Mutants and empty Lockers and the odd Spacesuit now it is the raider’s main home and base of operations within the wasteland. 

Welcome to the Bat-Cave I mean Wastelander Cave.


Unfortunately for me, I think Bethesda could have made more of an effort with this as not many new weapons were introduced to the DLC however as Emily said to me when she saw the trailer and when she acquired one “I can now play this like Skyrim!” (Yes she’s talking about a Bow) But I hope in the near future they will be some more new weapons to come to this to make them Rolls at the Purveyor a little more shall we say haunting (As I never roll any decent weapons) 

No Skyrim Mods Needed.


At long last this game feels a little more lively with people in this game, I really enjoy playing this game but Bethesda should have known not having NPC’s in the game would make this a little bland shall we say. Now we have NPC’s in the game it feels more like a Fallout game than it previously did, plus like I said in my previous post it feels nice to kill an actual person sometimes than just a Robot or a Ghoul. 

Rock Out with your…


I believe in this last update the environment is looking a little better as well it feels like it has had a little update and maybe we are getting the (4 times the detail) like Todd said at the beginning only thing I have noticed a little sometimes I can freeze for a second when running round but to me, that’s not a biggie. 



Now for me the Social side hasn’t changed on this game you can meet players, trade with them, kill them, or work with them. However for me recently two of my friends have brought this game due to Wastelanders being released one of them being James, now to me, that’s big as the number of people that might have done this due to the DLC coming out giving people what they want in a fallout game is huge as it could make this game what it should have been at the beginning which was a AAA Title. 

Plus it’s actually quite nice travelling the Wastelanders with other friends and basically being their Knight in Shining armour while I Two Shot Deathclaws and Bloating Ones and they Runaway. 

We Don’t Talk about my Cooking Recipes Got It!

My View One Month On? 

So one month of playing this DLC I can safely say that this game is so much better with all this new content and questlines available, there are a few things I would change to make it that little better but that could become available with the new Roadmap that Bethesda has released to the public to see. 


Can’t wait for Perk Loadouts and Steel Dawn Questline.

One of the things which were a little of a pooper was the main questline was too short for my liking me and Emily sided and finished the Raider Questline within about 3 Hours I even completed the Settlers with my other Character as well as The Wayward questline as well. But I hope they will do something more with the Wayward as I really did like the whole new Bar set up within the Wasteland. 

The other thing I would have done would have been adding more weapons to the game to make it a little more interesting to try and make or get them weapons. As with the ones they added I currently have or they are not that great compared to what I have already. 

As we all know it wouldn’t be a Fallout game without some Glitches here are two I came across while playing the Wastelanders DLC. To be fair I found these funny more than anything. 

Emily sent me this after the “I Am John West” photo was taken.
“Oh Hey there can you help me out?”

If you haven’t checked out Fallout 76 yet or your still not sure when I would say while it’s still free to play this weekend give it a go as you won’t be disappointed and If you are then your not a Fallout fan! 

Let me know in the comments below what you think to Fallout 76 and Wastelanders!

Thanks for Reading!





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