House Flipper

Hiya! Warriors its Glitzy Warrior here with another review for you. This time I have been playing House Flipper. Some people will ask what ls that and what’s it about.

Well House Flipper is a game about property development in terms of buying, renovating them and then finally selling them for a profit. This is avaliable on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its been out since February on the console but digitally only. The disc copy is still on pre order.

First impressions of the game are very good as the graphics and the general aspect of the game are good. The menu is simple and the tutorial is good but a bit basic. The one thing I will say is you can’t buy a house a renovate it straightaway as there are different skills you need to learn before you do that. The doesn’t stop you buying a house but you will keep a lot longer than necessary.

The one thing I did first is renovate the office at the start as that is a good starting point to get used to the game and do odd jobs for different people such as painting. Other jobs could include radiators, flooring, tidying up and fixing sockets. The jobs pay really well on that game so you will have no issues with money.

When you are in the different rooms of peoples house you get a check list on the right hand side telling you what you need to do and what percentage some things are. This a good aspect of the game. The only critism I have is when you cleaning and getting rid of dirt sometimes it’s very hard to see where you have missed and the map doesn’t help until you have upgraded the cleaning side.

The control side of the game is basic and works really well on the consoles as it was originally a PC game to start with. Alot of the PC games when they come onto consoles don’t port well but this one does.

The graphics of the game are with good lighting effects. You good colour depth and good shadow effects as well. It also transfers from day to night really well on the cycle as well. Couldnt complain about how well it looks.

When you get all the renovate tools and your ready to buy house all you do is go onto the market on the laptop and then buy a house. You can then renovate the house how you want it so knock the inside walls down and redo the layout. I haven’t got to the part where you can add outside walls and stuff because I have a feeling you cant but it maybe something that the developer Frozen District might be looking into as with updates of the game they are adding stuff. Like I said the disc copy isn’t out yet so this digital might actually be a game preview side.

When you are renovating your own house and going through the options there are lot of then as you can tile, wallpaper or paint you can choose from. This is the same with furniture and lights etc.

My overall stance is good and the aspect of it is good and well thought out by the developer.

Overall I will be giving it 4 out 5.

Bandicoot Warrior 4 Stars

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