My Fallout Fasnacht Journey

What’s up Warriors! Rob here and today I’m going to be discussing my Journey so far on the much-acclaimed Event in Fallout which is Fasnacht.

So last year I and Emily played Fasnacht a few times and didn’t think much to it but after the event went and we saw how much the Masks and Plans were going for, for people who missed the event or new players it was crazy Caps!

So this year I’m trying to do this event as much as I can and trying to get as much stuff as I can to see how much I can make in the future in Vendors but also to see if I can collect it all!

So before we begin what is Fasnacht?

The (Carnival of Basel) also known as Fasnacht is the biggest carnival in Switzerland and takes place annually between February and March in Basel. It has been listed as one of the top fifty local festivities in Europe.[*]

Spoiler Warning!

If your new to Fallout or you don’t want to see the rewards until you do the event yourself then look no further!


Still here? then let’s begin!

Uncommon Masks

So Uncommon Masks if you complete the Event will be a 70% Drop as a reward the masks that are uncommon are:

Fasnacht Sun Mask one of the first masks I got this year (I have Five to my name so far)
Fasnacht Beret a Nice little hat for you to run around thinking for French looking for your TarTar Caviar! (At the time of writing this I owned 3)
Fasnacht Skull Mask The Third Mask I got in the Journey of Fasnacht and is probably my least favourite one as well. (Time of writing this I owned Four)
Fasnacht Jester Mask a very creepy mask but so fun to run around with and running up to other players to get their reaction. (Currently own One)

Common Masks

With the Common Masks, the same applies as before but the drop rate is less which is a 50% chance of getting these masks, Which are:

Fasnacht Witch Mask a creepy looking thing that reminds me of Banjo Kazooie’s gruntilda (Time of writing I have one)
Fasnacht Giant Mask is another weird looking thing and I actually got this last year on my other Character but on this one I own One so Far.
Fasnacht Toothy Man Mask or as I and Emily like to call him Winston! is a random old Butler in the Fallout universe. (Only one owned of this)

There are many more masks that I haven’t got still and I’ve played this event about 17 times now, here are a few of the ones I haven’t got.


There is also a Deathclaw mask as well that was introduced this year which is as rare as old man winters mask.

And you also get a lot of plans that can drop as well here are the plans available from the event.

  1. Fasnacht Flag Pole
  2. Fasnacht Confetti Pile
  3. Fasnacht Balloons
  4. Fasnacht Party Streamers
  5. Fasnacht Branch Garland
  6. Fasnacht Mounted Ribbons
  7. Fasnacht Hanging Ribbons
  8. Fasnacht Pole Lantern
  9. Fasnacht Ribbons Pole
  10. Fasnacht Hanging Snowflakes
  11. Fasnacht Mounted Flag
  12. Fasnacht Helevetia Garland
  13. Old Man Winter Effigy

And also 2 recipes for Food as well which are:

  1. Fasnacht Donuts
  2. Fasnacht Sausages

From doing this event over and over it does get a little boring but, the eventful characters of the other players that turn up dressed up are fun makes you want to get the photo mode out and take a few snaps.

The Jesters are coming to Town!


With only a few more days to go I’m defiantly going to be playing this all weekend hoping to get Old Man Winters and the Deathclaw mask but either way Fasnacht this year has been a little more interesting with me actually doing the event more than last year.

Have you been playing Fasnacht? What Masks have you got? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks For Reading!

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