What to Sell in Vendors

What’s up Warriors! Rob here and today I thought I’d give some tips and my knowledge on what to sell in Vendors in Fallout 76.

Now last night I hit the Max Cap Limit which is 30,000 Caps which I’d never thought I would but I did and I’m going to show you how I farmed it with the stuff I was selling.

Fallout 76_20200606214400


Fallout 76_20200606112922

So ammo is quite good to sell and as long as you don’t sell it at stupid prices people will buy plus if you have plenty of it people will buy most of it in bulk, for example, I was selling .50 Rounds and had 1600 of them someone came along and brought 1000 straight off the bat at 1 Cap a bullet so that’s 900 caps earned right there (10% Tax to Bethesda)

The best way to build up ammo to sell is what I did was have a melee character so any ammo you gather in the wasteland you’re not using will build up and you and sell it.


Fallout 76_20200606114653

Believe it or not, the plans you already know can be worth something as long as you don’t go ridiculous on the price, now long before vendors were here I use to just dump them on the floor or give them to a low-level player.

Fallout 76_20200522143750_1

But now I sell them at a quarter of the price they’re worth so if the plan is worth 250 Caps I’d sell them for 60 Caps

It’s not much Caps you get but if you get someone that’s lower level than you or someone buying plans for another character or a friend or even an online clan they have you can get up to 400-500 Caps in one sitting all depends on the plans your selling though food recipes don’t sell and are pretty much a waste in your inventory I was selling them for 5 caps plans you want to look out for are Power Armour and Festive plans if you have these they go for big money.

For example, there was a Mole Miner Event on before Fasnacht and you got presents off the legendary treasure hunters and they gave some limited timed plans and I actually got some Christmas ones so I whacked them in the vendor at double the price it’s worth to start so in there at 200 caps and sold straight away so I went a little cheeky and put the price way above the value at 750 caps and it sold as well.

Just don’t do what this guy did as it will never sell. 

Fallout 76_20200413194710_1

Legendary Weapons and Armour 

Fallout 76_20191020184507

So with weapons and armour, it’s a tough one as you can sell any of them for any price you want but if you want to make sure they sell don’t go overboard on the price as I’ve seen people selling guns for 12,500 Caps and that’s insane sometimes they do sell but you will be waiting a long time for that right customer to come along. 

My advice would be to sell the Items double the price there valued at that way they will sell some items are not priced very well by Bethseda so choose the prices yourself carefully, the picture above the gun is valued at 97 caps but I actually sold this for 500 caps. 

Also, some items are not worth selling as they are pretty much pointless like the Nocturnal perks on the items (Come on Bethesda think of some more) but Nocturnal is the worst one they made and if you get one of them on your items my recommendation would be selling it to this lady. 


Aid Items 


Aid items like Stimpak’s, Radaway and Water will sell as people will always need them plus when the NPC Vendors are selling them at 100 caps a piece you know you and undersell them and make some caps that way I usually sell Stimpak’s at 20 Caps a piece and Radaway at 15 apiece. 

With Water I only sell it at 1 Cap a piece as well water can be made very easily in the game and the people buying the water are people who need it desperately but I also leave my water purifiers open for free so first come first serve. 

Well, these are the tips and tricks on selling items in the vendors that I do and I hope it can help others to make some caps along there wasteland journey. 

Are there any other methods you do to sell stuff let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for Reading! 



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