Immortal Unchained

What’s up Warriors! Rob here and today I’m going to be talking about Immortal Unchained a game that I picked up recently for cheap.

What is Immortal Unchained?

Immortal: Unchained is a science fantasy action role-playing video game published by British studio Game Odyssey Ltd. and developed by Swedish studio Toadman Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The gameplay is inspired by the Dark Souls series, with a focus on futuristic firearms instead of melee combat, while the setting and plot are inspired by Norse mythologyand the events of Ragnarok.

I saw a few people online talking about this game but I’ve never heard of it so I did some research on it and as soon as I read Dark Souls with Guns I had to try it, Dark Souls is hard as it is so with guns you’d think it would be a little easier.

So I grabbed a copy from CEX for £8 which is a steal as everywhere else is selling it between £12-15 also not a big install or update download only 4GB on the download and 12GB to install.


So having played this for only a few hours I can’t really comment on this alot but so far so good its fun and definitely like a dark souls game you go through the stages not knowing what you have to do to begin with but you then get a weapon and Bits which is like EXP points for killing the enemies.

The Camera movement is a little fast but you can change that in the settings which I did as it was making me dizzy but never the less so far so good.

When you die it’s the exact same as Dark Souls you start back from where you last saved it and your stuff is where you died last so it’s nice to get your stuff back as at one point I had 10,000 Bits and was a little gutted the first time I died as I thought I’d lost it all.


The environment for the game is okay it’s suppose to be futurearstic but at the moment it’s all Sliver and grey buildings with a few traps along the way, the lighting in the game could be a little better as well sometimes walking through an area it can be really good and sometimes it can be to dark or even to bright unfortunately the textures clash with the lighting on some areas.


So with this game you get to customise your Character to however you like with Gender, Hair, Tattoos, beards, skin colour to make the Character your own only there’s not alot of options within the game and I noticed there is now some DLC skins on the store for like £3 if you want to have gold on your character (Bit Random but okay) Overall though this isn’t that bad I’ve seen worst character creations on different games. You also get to choose what class you are so you can be a melee build, machine gun or even a sniper build they have thought about every type of consumer in this game.

Developing your Character

So as I spoken before about the Bits you pick up you can level up your Character with these to increase there health, stamina, energy and many other things you choose from the options below and it increases other stats on your character as well this I think is very cool as you can make your character how you want them but also you could make them a tank against the bosses as well.


So after developing your Character if you have Bits left you can even upgrade your weapons to do more damage as well which is a nice touch and also gives the game more creativity as well as some weapons are going to be better than others after upgrading them.


Okay so I’ve only faced two bosses so far and they have been a little easy I did die a few times on them but after you learn there pattern and figure out how to kill them it becomes easy I’m hoping they get harder throughout the game but overall not a bad experience with them.

Out of Five?

This game is great and I’m really enjoying playing this as it’s something different from what I usually play which is Fallout but this game has good and bad points the only bad points for me are the textures are at times a little bad and there should be a navigation system in place as sometimes you can get lost and run in circles but I’ve enjoyed playing this game and for a British gaming company to come on the scene with this I hope they make some more. I’m giving this a 4/5 Stars!

Have you played this game before? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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