Fallout The Legendary Run!

What’s up Warriors! Rob here and today I’m going to be discussing Bethseda’s new idea with in Patch 20 which was The Legendary Run.

So as some of you may know Fallout has now introduced a new system with in the game where you earn SCORE points which levels up your rank and you can unlock excuslive things.

When I first heard about this I thought great another game with another “Battle Pass” where you pay for all these things to unlock and skips a tier but at the moment it’s free.


Which actually shocked me at first then I read that Bethseda will introduce a payment system for the seasons mode in the next update lets just hope it isn’t too Expensive.

Levelling up on Seasons isn’t too bad either as there are Daily and Weekly challenges to do to earn the SCORE points to increase your level. I’ve been playing it since Tuesday and I’m Rank 14 out of 100 so I’d say it’s rather easy to begin with.

A thing that was Introduced with Seasons was something you can unlock which was Lunchboxes, now these were Data Mined a year ago but now it seems Bethseda want to use them now so far I’ve got 3 of them and there interesting to say the least they give you a EXP boost and a random benefit and there is 10 different ones to get but not only that if anyone is near you when you open it they get it as well and they don’t need to be on your team.


Speaking of teams also in this Patch they introduced Public Teams which I’ve got to say they have done well with this as you choose why you want a public team and then invite the server and the more you bond with in your team the more stats you get with in that team as well as bonuses with in the team.


At level 4 you can Unlock a Ammo Converter which when I heard about this I was like finally I can get rid of those .38 rounds for Shotgun and .45 Rounds but it’s not all that it seems. 

ammo converter

First off the exhange rate is awful it’s like a 5:1 ratio and it’s really not worth it plus the computer system you have to use is also so slow and not very friendly to use. 

This update has been a good one and once again Bethesda have brought us some new and interesting things to work on earning while playing the game but also have made it that little easier to join others in the wasteland to complete quests, hunt for legendaries and build things. 

The only thing what worries me a little is the Microtransactions that will come into play in this game as we know just like any other game that has battle pass theme you can pay to unlock which I see Bethseda will take too kind to this with the Postive feedback from Fallout 1st (Which I might add nothing else has been introduced to Fallout 1st users for some time now) but I can see them trying to make a quick buck off of this. 

Also just like Fallout Shelter you can buy Lunchboxes to unlock cards, survivors and items. I assume that these will be in the Atom Shop in the next update as well where you can buy maybe 1, 3 and 5 of them in a bundle. 

Overall I like this update to Fallout 76 and it shows that they aren’t slowing down on making material for this game which is pretty good we just need to know if this game will carry over to the PS5 and Xbox X. 

Let me know what you think in the Comments below! 

Thanks for Reading! 

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