Mad Games Tycoon Review

What’s up Warriors! Rob here and today I’m going to be discussing a game that I’ve been playing recently, Mad Games Tycoon.

So the other week I was browsing through games on Amazon and eBay and noticed this game which took my eye. I knew it was a PC game but when I saw it on PlayStation and it was only £19 I thought why not.

So this game was released back on PC in 2016 and then came to Consoles a little later on, this was also made by Eggcode Games, never heard of this gaming company before so another reason I thought I’d give it a go.

Any Woo lets begin!


So game play on this game is quite good it runs just like any other Tycoon simulation game that’s on the market you start off small and work your way up building and creating games, Gaming engines or even Consoles. (I’ve not tried the Console building yet) But so far so good I’ve been addicted to playing this game and trying to master making a decent game so far the Highest percentage I’ve got on this game is 85% so as you can probable tell it can be a hard game.

But as you can see from the sliding Image you get better over time making more money.


The style in the way the game plays is good I like the controls there not difficult or clunky to use also on the PlayStation the controller and the game uses the controller like a mouse so you don’t have to use the buttons to move around your business or even do things, Sometimes it can get annoying and unfortunately there’s no option to turn this off.

Getting you going on the game is quite easy as well as the Tutorial is fun and easy and basically tells you how to play the game it works very well.


My Starter Base for my Gaming Company

So the features on this game are quite in-depth and can be difficult to get your head round but also you can’t make the same game twice unless you actually use all the same things. With all the features this makes the game more challenging but also not as boring.

The Cons

So like most games there are a few pros and cons I’ve done through the Pro’s lets get on with the Cons.

Game State – From the looks of the game on PlayStation you can only have one Game Save which is a little weird as you can play a sandbox mode of the game which overwritten my other save which annoyed me.

Controller/Mouse Option – Sometimes it can be useful but at times it can be Frustrating and there should be an option in Settings to turn this off.

Lag – When checking the Gaming Charts or Publishers and Developers page it 9 out of ten times lags my PlayStation and becomes unstable and that’s even on a PS4 Pro.


Overall I’ve enjoyed playing this game and it’s been fun trying to make different games that suits the public and make money on the game, sometimes it can be annoying and frustrating but like most games they all have their flaws and for a Simulation Tycoon game I think this was made and thought about very well.

I’m giving this a 3/5 Stars!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Well thanks for reading Warriors I will hopefully be back soon with some more reviews on Games and Music!

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