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Bandicoot Warrior is gaming, movies and music reviewing blog site where we review pretty much anything we can.

Everything we review will be bought or streamed through a paid service and rated along with a post on the item

So sit back and relax and wait for new posts to appear soon!

So Bandicoot Warrior consists of 4 Team Members Let’s Introduce them.

RobFounder of Bandicoot Warrior 


I’m Rob and I’m the founder of Bandicoot Warrior the idea of me writing a blog came to me when sitting in a restaurant thinking of what to do with my spare time instead of just sitting around doing nothing I decided to write reviews and blog posts on games music and films and as you can see my two favourite game franchises are Crash Bandicoot (Hense the Bandicoot name) and Fallout.

So Sit Back and relax and watch this space for new blogs from me about pretty much anything.

Emily – Contributor for Bandicoot Warrior (Gaming, Movies and Make-up)


This is Emily and one of the people that have been following and pushing Bandicoot Warrior along the way from the beginning well she had no choice since she’s my darling wife to be in the real world but gaming world she’s the Queen of the Dragonborns racking up a 200+ Hour game time on Skyrim and her love for Batman games is another addiction she has as well.

She’ll be bringing to the table posts on Games she will be playing Movies that she/we have been watching and the odd Make-up post may pop up showing her latest buys in the industry.

TomContributor for Bandicoot Warrior (Gaming and Music and Movies) 


This is Tom and he’s the latest Member to join Bandicoot’s team has been a good friend for a very long time and takes gaming to the next level and is competitive in all range of games mainly Fifa but also loves his retro gaming so we could have a blast from the past show up in blog posts once and a while. A few of tom’s favourite games are Metal Gear Solid and the N64 Classic Banjo Kazooie.

He’ll be bringing to the table his knowledge and views and opinions on games he’s playing and Music and Movies he’s currently digging.

James – Contributor for Bandicoot Warrior (Gaming) 


This is James and he’s the newest member to join the team of Bandicoot’s a good friend of mine for a good ten years and was the actual person I was discussing doing a blog within that all you can eat Chinese, He has his own blog so he will hopefully pop in and out of this one with some posts. James is basically the king of the road in gaming with driving games being one of his favourite genres to play with the occasional GTA Massacre.

For any details on any items, posts, or Q+A’s don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m, always available on Email, Twitter or Instagram just give me a message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible even if you have a message for the others I will pass the message on for them to reply.

Email – Bandicootwarrior@gmail.com

Twitter – Bandicootblog

Instagram – Bandicootwarrior

Twitch – Bandicootwarrior

Awards and Nominations!

This bit looks a little dry at the moment but hey we are only just getting started here I will display the Awards and Nominations Bandicoot Warrior has received in its past present and hopefully future.

Neat Blogger Award

Nominated by Nitichi Gamer on 30th April 2018

I wouldn’t say me and the team were neat at all we all like making a mess once and a while but a big shoutout to Nitichi Gamer for the Nomination was really nice of them to Nominate us and I even did a blog post to show them how much it meant to us.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Was Nominated by The Purple Prose Mage on 23rd September 2018

Sunshine Blogger award we were nominated by The Purple Prose Mage in September and so we wrote a blog post on the questions asked and we answered them, nice to know people like what they read from us and gives us that motivation to keep going.

Real Neat Blog Award

Awarded to us on 2nd December 2018 by A Girl’s Gotta Game

Once again we were Nominated for a Neat Blog Award by A Girl’s Gotta Game just before Christmas which ended our year in a Bang! And also with neat Blogger Award comes a post on the questions I was asked by A Girl’s Gotta Game! The post is here.

Later Level’s QOTM Winner!

Later Levels Question of the Month
Awarded Question of The Month Winner in December 2018.

And to end our year with a bigger bang Kim at Later Level’s released that my post was the Winner of December’s Question of the Month! Hopefully, we will win a few more this year.

Real Neat Blogger Award

Awarded to us by Red Metal on August 31 2019

This year has been a quiet one for Bandicoot Warrior but to get things started Red Metal has nominated us with a Real Neat Blogger Award! The Post with my responses to the questions asked is here!

Previous Blogs and their Ratings

Here is a picture of previous Blog Posts over the two years I’ve been blogging and their ratings so if you feel the need to go back to find out the rating or don’t want to read them then you don’t have to.


collage 2

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