City and Colour – Little Hell Review

Dallas Green's Third Studio Album Release Little Hell, My View and Take on The Album.


Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

Bethesda? Fallout? Online Wasteland?! That's right Warriors Bethesda have made an Online Fallout game and today I'm going to discuss whether it's worth your hard earn money or not. So Fallout 76 is a Online only Multiplayer game which features your Character in a country with other players after emerging from Vault 76 to rebuild … Continue reading Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

TBT – Rockstar Table Tennis

Jump in and remember this classic game from Rockstar where everyone thought it was going to be a flop!

Daily Inking – Concert Clothing?

Hey Warriors! Just a quick Blog Post on a Daily Inking post that I was mentioned in by Normal Happenings so I'd like to say Thank You for the mention and shoutout and here is my answer. So the question was: Describe the outfit you would wear to a concert. Are you a jeans and … Continue reading Daily Inking – Concert Clothing?

Gang Beasts (Review)

Double Fine's Latest Release Featuring Fighting and Ragdoll Physics Check Out The Review.

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