Badflower – OK I’M SICK Review

Wanna see what happens when I mix Xanax, Blow and a Macbook Pro? Check Out The Review!


Is Billie Eilish The Next Nirvana?

Today I'm discussing Something Dave Grohl has said recently about Billie Eilish.

Making Your Supergroup!

Here is My Choices for my Music Super-group.

Daily Inking – Concert Clothing?

Hey Warriors! Just a quick Blog Post on a Daily Inking post that I was mentioned in by Normal Happenings so I'd like to say Thank You for the mention and shoutout and here is my answer. So the question was: Describe the outfit you would wear to a concert. Are you a jeans and … Continue reading Daily Inking – Concert Clothing?

5 Most Expensive Rock/Pop Music Videos

From $500k to $7 Million Find Out who had made the Most Expensive Music Video To Date In This List.

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