Conan Exiles – Review

Here is my review on Conan Exiles and how to be a caveman.


A Holiday Blog Post

Just a quick update with what I’m doing with myself at the moment while on my Holibobs

Steamworld Dig (PS4)

Hello, people, It's been a while since I've done a review but here goes this Is the game that I'm playing at the moment on the PlayStation so I will give it talk down and tell you all about It. What Is the Game?.... Steam World Dig is a 2D platform game that revolves around … Continue reading Steamworld Dig (PS4)

PS4 or Xbox?….

Hello boys and girls Today I'm going to talk about one question I hear a-lot in shops, friends, work colleges and so on which is PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. So the Xbox one was released in November 2013 where it was previewed and shown to people at Microsoft's own press conference showing people the … Continue reading PS4 or Xbox?….

PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement 

Hello, people just giving a quick blog post on my day off to tell you about replacing the thumbsticks on a PS4 controller now It seems dawn-ting to do but It's actually pretty easy. Now before I carry on I didn't replace them on my own I had help from this guide so give them … Continue reading PS4 Controller Thumbstick Replacement 

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