Later Levels – Question of The Month – December 2018

Here is My Xmas Answers to Later Level's QOTM!


Later Levels – Question of the Month – November 2018

Play only one game for the rest of my life! Damn check out my Answer below!

QOTM – Spooky Edition – October 2018

Zombies, An a abandoned Town and a Camera Crew In Japan Check out my Answers for Later Level's QOTM

Later Levels Question of the Month – September 2018

Zombie infected Kyrat with nothing but the 50's and 60's music and making choices within the game that will determine the ending of the game.  Check out My Question of The Month!

Later Levels Question of the Month – July 2018

My answer to Later Levels question of the month for July talking wedding guests and clothing.

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