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What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be looking at a new artist called Emile and his new track “Pale Imitation

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Pale Imitation is the third single from Emile and will be shortly followed by a video

Before we carry on let’s get a little background info.

Emile is a UK born indie-pop artist, based between London, Berlin and Copenhagen. At the age of 18, he re-embracing his childhood love for pop music and began working as an engineer at the renowned Kensaltown Studios in London, where he met his current writing and production collaborator Flo Reutter. Having cut his teeth for several years under the watchful eye of producer Martin Terefe, Emile soon found his own voice in songwriting and poetry.

Using his experience from working sessions with artists such as Jamie Cullum, Aloe Blacc, James Blunt, Jamie Woon and Billie Marten, he struck out on his own to pursue writing as a full-time endeavour, recording his own demos at home. He relocated to his father’s childhood home of Copenhagen and began playing in various bands as a guitarist and songwriter, touring across Europe with a hardcore punk band for a year while starting to compile material for his solo project.

Emile’s say on Pale Imitation

“I wrote Pale Imitation in the early hours of the morning in my apartment. I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and I tend to write whenever I’m feeling restless. The song more or less wrote itself, I think it was my way of looking back on the past few years of my life and realising that I’ve never really reflected on my transition into adulthood. I’m not yet sure if the song is a celebration of where I am in my life, or if it’s a mourning of the child that I once was. Most likely, it’s a little bit of both.”

“The song was actually written as a down-tempo acoustic guitar track. I went to Berlin to record it with my producer Flo, and we very quickly realised that a fast energetic vibe would work better for the song. We were listening to a lot of The Postal Service at the time, and I think that subconsciously, that had a really positive impact on our decision-making process in the studio.”

My View on the Song

So from listening to the song, it’s very fast, punchy and upbeat and has a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head after a few listens, the vocals are nice and clean and very well sung within the song. The beat in the song has been mixed and mastered very well giving this a top-quality recording and single release.

This song has only been out a few days now (Being released on the 17th April) and after listening to this about ten times it definitely deserves some radio play as every time I listen to I notice someone new within the song or something I missed the last time I listened to it but also in the times we are experiencing at the moment we need upbeat songs to keep us going.

So much so I brought the song myself for my playlist.


Emile’s Social Media Links

Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   Website 

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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Seven Spies – Chameleon

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing a new song and a new band that has come across my hands today and they are Seven Spies.

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Has The Weeknd chosen to end the music career for now?

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing The Weeknd’s new video for “Until I Bleed Out” and what I think it means.

Bear in mind this is my view on the video and music I could be completely wrong but post your views in the comments below.

Let’s get into this.

So The Weeknd released his new music video about a week ago now and from looking at the comments on the video and around the web, people believe this could be the end of The Weekend’s music or just a break from it.

After watching the video I think The Weeknd isn’t calling it a day to music but maybe his character for this album is coming to an end, like every album we’ve had from Abel from Beauty behind the madness till present there has been a character representing the album.

So beauty behind the madness you see he sold his soul to the devil to become successful, then in Starboy you see the successor be killed and requested into the character that represents Starboy to then seeing this character in “After Hours”

I believe Star Boy is the character in After Hours and this is the result in Drink and Drug abuse that the character has evolved.

So far there are 4 videos for this new album which are all amazingly well done and show something to look for in each video.

Heartless see’s the character Fear and Loathing within the Vegas Strip and starts going on a bad trip within the video.

Blinding Lights is the aftermath of the bad trip the character is going through as well as with the lyrics behind the song a Breakup maybe?

In Your Eyes is currently my favourite track on the album and reminds me of “Secrets” from Starboy a lot but this song sees the character following a certain lady which in the end chops his head off, which I believe is his dream.

And now we are at Until I Bleed Out.

So with this Music video It shows quite a lot and I believe it references all of his previous albums for example the Balloons represent House of Balloons, the colours of these Balloons are a reference to the Thursday Album cover and along with that the colour of his suit would represent Echoes of Silence Album cover.

Next thing in the video is the girls within the video they all represent A part of the albums he’s done Glass Table Girls, Valarie, The Zone, Thursday and Kissland Girl. And this shows the trouble he’s had with stardom with every album in past to now and also shows the Sex, Drink and Drug life he has had with these girls as well as in-between the albums.

With this being said in the video it looks like he trying to get away from all of this and becomes successful turning up in a desert all by himself, is it a dream? Or did he actually escape?

What I think?

I think The Weeknd has given us a taste of new music and another story for us to follow and that he’s not afraid to reference his older music within his new music,

“Do I think it’s an end to The Weeknd?”

No I don’t but I think maybe another 1-2 Music Videos and this Character will be killed off like the others and a new Character will appear for the new album.

Like I said at the beginning this is what I saw when watching the music video and this couldn’t mean anything but let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Gaming within the Lockdown

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to give you a little update of what I’m going to be playing within this lockdown and difficult times we are heading up.

At the moment I’m still working but luckily for me I have weekends off to do nothing but GAME! So what else to do but that!

So the games I’ll be playing in the upcoming weeks will be….

Fallout 76, as you all know I’m obsessed with Fallout and with the Wastelanders update coming out tomorrow it going to be a good start for my Lockdown plays.
Final Fantasy 7, I’ve been very lucky to get a copy of this and with not playing a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy X it’s time to jump back into Midgar and relive the Nostalgia.
Modern Warfare / Warzone cause why not kill some people and enjoy unlocking that battle pass content. (Video is an epic kill!)
After Buying Resident Evil 2 and loving how they remade this game it would be rude not to buy the Resident Evil 3 remake I’ve installed it and ready to go just ready to jump out of my skin to hear “STARS!!!”

So these are the games that I will be playing through these different times we are experiencing but what are you guys going to be playing?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading Warriors I will hopefully be going some more blog posts very soon!

The Recks – Milks Gone Bad

What’s up Warriors and I hope everyone is coping and well if the current events that are happening in the world, Today I’m going to be looking at a new band called “The Recks”

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