Marvel Tv Series (Netflix) 

Hello, people just thought I’d write a blog on the Marvel TV Series that are on Netflix and I’ve watched them In order and gotta say there is bloody good!

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Fortnite (Xbox One)

Hey, Guys and Gals thought I would write a little review on Fortnite I’ve been playing this on Xbox One with a friend and I got to say It’s Addictive.

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Whiterun (Skyrim)

Hey, guys thought I would write a Skyrim post as It’s been a while so here’s a little info on Whiterun.

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Aura Whisper

Time for a Skyrim Post I think…

And what more than a Dragon Shout.

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Steamworld Dig (PS4)

Hello, people, It’s been a while since I’ve done a review but here goes this Is the game that I’m playing at the moment on the PlayStation so I will give it talk down and tell you all about It.

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