Fallout 76 – Player Vending!

Today I'm going to be discussing Fallout 76's latest patch Player Vending!


Have Fallout 76 Just Sold Out With Repair Kits?

Jump in and read my take on the repair kits that have been introduced.

Fallout 76 – Their First Major Update?

Bethesda have given us details on the First Major Update is it too late or have they redeemed themselves.

Fallout 76 – My View On The Game

Online Survival with the chance to Nuke others that's right Warriors today I'm going to give my take on the newly released Fallout 76. 

Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

Bethesda? Fallout? Online Wasteland?! That's right Warriors Bethesda have made an Online Fallout game and today I'm going to discuss whether it's worth your hard earn money or not. So Fallout 76 is a Online only Multiplayer game which features your Character in a country with other players after emerging from Vault 76 to rebuild … Continue reading Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

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