The Fat Man!

The Fat Man also can be known as The Big Boy is a Nukeual weapon that is featured in Fallout 3 and 4 it is also featured in the mobile game Fallout Shelter. History The Fat Man was named after the atomic bomb which the United States dropped over Nagasaki in 1945. To avoid controversy, it was … Continue reading The Fat Man!



Deathclaws are a large, agile and strong species of mutant Jackson's Chameleon created through genetic engineering, with the addition of DNA of various other species. However, due to mutation, most have lost their colour-changing ability. Originally created before the Great War by the government to replace human troops in battle, deathclaws were derived from mixed … Continue reading Deathclaws! 

James (Dad) Fallout 3 

Hello Since It's Father's day thought I would do a Blog on a Dad. James (also known as Dad) is the Lone Wanderer's father and is also Vault 101's resident doctor in 2277. James was born in 2226, Later in his life, he met a group of scientists and formed a team. One of them … Continue reading James (Dad) Fallout 3 


Hello and welcome to my First post on the Skyrim and Fallout page and It's gotta be on one of the best things to do with Fallout (well in my eyes) is Dogmeat! Dogmeat has been featured in the Fallout games from the beginning but became a companion in Fallout 3 but was a possible … Continue reading Dogmeat!

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